Bargains in Prague

Prague is a very inexpensive destination when compared with other capital cities in Europe. Given the culture, sophistication and diversity of Prague, it's often compared to Paris, yet a trip here will cost far less than a trip to the city of lights.

Beer: Some of the bargains you can expect to find in Prague include the ubiquitous beer. Czechs are quite fond of their brews and gulp down more per capita than any other country in the world! Not only is their beer so good, but it usually costs around one euro for a pint of high octane (10-12% alcohol). No Czech meal is complete without a couple of rounds of their light or dark brews. You can order wine instead, but be prepared to pay double what you're used to for that glass or bottle of bourdeaux or any imported wine for that matter. Even Czech wine demands a premium price, similar to the imports. Likewise distilled spirits and mixed drinks are way overpriced compared to the excellent deal on beer. So now you know why they quaf so much of the foamy stuff!

Crystal and Glass: Yes, Czech crystal and glass are world famous and you can expect to find good bargains in Prague. A crystal paperweight that would cost $30 or more in the US can be purchased here for a fraction (like around 6-10 Euros). Beautiful, unique art glass creations are also very reasonably priced when compared to similar pieces elsewhere.

Ceramics: China and porecelin are very reasonable, but the styles are rather limited. Ceramic dolls are popular.

Marionettes: These string puppets are everywhere in Prague and reasonably priced. They are made from wood or ceramic. A unique gift for a child, or as a collectors item.

Hotels: While not the bargain they once were, hotels are still more reasonable here than elsewhere in Europe. In peak season (summer thru September) you won't find as many deals, but they're there if you look hard enough. We list a good number of hotels, apartments and pensions, many with discounts on our hotel pages. In the off-season you can expect to pay half the peak season rate or less. Every hotel sets it's own rates and seasons so read all the fine print. We were able to find a deal on a suite in a 5 star hotel for only 70 Euros a night for two! But that took days of looking! Just check our hotel list and save yourself a lot of time and hassle.

Food: Dining out in Prague is one of the best deals anywhere. The food is good to excellent, your cuisine choices are unlimited, and the prices so reasonable, you'll want to eat out as much as possible. In addition many of the restaurants are so unusual, they're an experience in themselves. Unique decors, reasonably good service, and sometimes live music or a garden setting make dining in Prague a memorable event. Just don't expect to get friendly with your waiter, as their English is limited. Do remember to leave a cash tip (5-10%), or you may get some flak from your waiter who may never see that credit card tip, or at least wants you to believe that.

Music: Prague has always been a center for great music, and this tradition continues. Whether you opt for Mozart's Don Giovanni, performed in the same theater where it premiered in 1787 or a chamber orchestra in a chapel revisiting some Vivaldi classics, you can't go wrong in Prague. The prices for these world class performances won't break your budget, so don't miss this opportunity.

If you're more into Jazz or Hip-Hop Dance music you'll find many clubs, large and small with your kind of music.

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