Holidays in Spain

Holidays for Spain in 2006 are:
January 1 New Year's Day
January 5 Dia de la Toma
January 6 Epiphany
January 22 St. Vincent's Day (Valencia)
February 1 San Cecilio
February 28 Andalusia Day
March 19 St. Joseph's Day
April 4 Basque National Day
April 23 Aragon Day
April 23 Castilla y León Day
April 23 St. George's Day
May 1 Worker's Day
May 2 Dos de Mayo
May 15 San Isidro
May 17 Día das Letras Galegas
May 20 St. Ferdinand Day
May 30 Canary Islands Day
May 31 Dia de Castilla la Mancha
June 9 Dia de La Rioja
June 9 Murcia Autonomy Day
June 11 Our Lady of the Chapel
June 24 St. John's Day
June 29 St. Peter & St. Paul Day
July 7 Running of the Bulls
July 10 Death of El Cid
July 25 Galicia National Day
July 25 Santiago Day
July 25 St. James Day
August 3 Fiesta de la Colmena
August 10 St. Lawrence Day
August 15 Assumption Day
September 8 Dia de Asturias
September 8 Dia de Extremadura
September 8 Nuesta Senora de la Victoria
September 8 Virgen de la Cinta
September 8 Virgen de la Fuensanta
September 8 Virgen de la Pena
September 11 Catalan National Day
September 15 Nuestra Senora de la Bien Aparecida
September 24 Our Lady of Mercy
September 29 St. Michael's Day
October 7 Our Lady of the Rosary
October 7 Virgen del Rosario
October 9 Columbus Day
October 9 Dia de Communidad
October 12 Hispanity Day
November 1 All Saint's Day
November 9 Virgen de la Almudena
December 6 Constitution Day
December 8 Immaculate Conception
December 8 Mother's Day
December 25 Christmas Day
December 26 St. Stephen's Day
Holidays for Spain for 2005 include:

January-1 New Year's Day

January-5 Dia de la Toma

January-6 Epiphany

January-22 St. Vincent's Day (Valencia)

February-1 San Cecilio

February-28 Andalusia Day

March-19 St. Joseph's Day

March-24 Holy Thursday

March-25 Good Friday

March-27 Easter Sunday

March-28 Easter Monday

April-4 Basque National Day

April-23 Aragon Day

April-23 Castilla y León Day

April-23 St. George's Day

May-1 Worker's Day

May-2 Dos de Mayo

May-15 San Isidro

May-20 St. Ferdinand Day

May-26 Corpus Christi

May-30 Canary Islands Day

May-31 Dia de Castilla la Mancha

June-9 Dia de La Rioja

June-9 Murcia Autonomy Day

June-11 Our Lady of the Chapel

June-24 St. John's Day

June-29 St. Peter & St. Paul Day

July-7 Running of the Bulls

July-10 Death of El Cid

July-25 Galicia National Day

July-25 Santiago Day

July-25 St. James Day

August-3 Fiesta de la Colmena

August-10 St. Lawrence Day

August-15 Assumption Day

September-8 Dia de Asturias

September-8 Dia de Extremadura

September-8 Nuesta Senora de la Victoria

September-8 Virgen de la Cinta

September-8 Virgen de la Fuensanta

September-8 Virgen de la Pena

September-11 Catalan National Day

September-15 Nuestra Senora de la Bien Aparecida

September-24 Our Lady of Mercy

September-29 St. Michael's Day

October-7 Our Lady of the Rosary

October-7 Virgen del Rosario

October-9 Columbus Day

October-9 Dia de Communidad

October-12 Hispanity Day

November-1 All Saint's Day

November-9 Virgen de la Almudena

December-6 Constitution Day

December-8 Immaculate Conception

December-8 Mother's Day

December-25 Christmas Day

December-26 St. Stephen's Day

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