How To Start Your Holiday A Day Early

Finally having booked my trip to South Africa after years of waiting, I noticed that I had a very early check in for my flight from Heathrow the day of my departure. Not only that, but what about my car? “How am I even meant to get to the airport?” I found myself asking again and again. These were things I hadn’t even thought of before, but suddenly they were playing on my mind and nearly causing me to break out into a maniacal fit. I’m a bit of an obsessive compulsive, you see and I like to know well in advance whether everything is organised. Yes, I know it’s silly and yes I know it’s perhaps a tad bit dramatic, but it helps me sleep at night knowing I’m all sorted. Plus I’ve been looking forward to this trip for ages, I wasn’t going to let something ruin it now.

I toyed with the idea of public transport, maybe even a taxi to the airport, but even if trains and buses were running at the time of the morning I needed, I’d look daft trying to load my luggage a platform with me. Kind of like a Harry Potter-off-to-school look doesn’t sit well with me. So I finally settled on an idea I’d gotten from a friend when I was dramatically describing my predicament to her. “Spend the night at an airport hotel, it’s like starting your trip a day early.” I have to be honest, I was hoping for some sympathy and a lift on the day from her, but I’m glad, no, I’m ecstatic I took her advice.

I did some research and found out that not only could I spend the night before my trip at an airport hotel, but many of them also have packages where you can book a room as well as your parking with them at the same time. A trick I found, that can actually be a cheaper option than parking your car at an airport parking operator sometimes. I went for an excellent option which gave me the chance to park my car for 15 days, as well as the hotel providing a shuttle bus to the terminal I needed to be at that would also collect me on my return.

I was worried that the hotel would be similar to one of those horrible motels we see in cheap American horror movies, but when I say it felt as though I had started my holiday a day early, I’m not joking. The hotel was 1st class with helpful staff and a restaurant offering delicious meals. The best bit was meeting other travellers who were also on their own at the hotel bar for a drink after dinner. It truly did feel as though I was already on holiday and I found that I was already very relaxed and ready for my trip even more from my stay.

My suggestion to you if you will be heading on any trip which requires an early morning flight the day of your departure, whether it’s for business or pleasure. Save yourself time, hassle and money by doing your research and booking an airport hotel online. You will have a great start to your holiday and have less to worry about with regards to the day of your trip.

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