Piet Mondrian (1872-1944)

This pioneer and icon of the abstract art world is noted for his geometric paintings of lines and boxes using mostly primary colors.  These simplistic cubist works, some consisting of as little as three horizontal or vertical black lines on a white background, influenced many abstractionists.   My best friends in Holland have done their entire apartment Mondrian style with the bright colors everywhere.  Mondrian cabinets, refrigerator, chairs, desk, coffee mugs, etc., etc.  Sorta reminds me of a preschool.  Unlike Bosch, Mondrian is highly regarded in Holland, perhaps reflecting the Dutch penchant for orderliness, cleanliness, and simplicity. Mondrian's last, unfinished painting,

'Victory Boogie Woogie'
(above) was recently acquired by the Gemente Museum in Den Haag for $40 million.

Earlier Mondrian works were influenced by Van Gogh and other artists of the period and represent an interesting style.

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Broadway Boogie Woogie

by John Milner, Piet Mondrian
Biography with color plates

Note: Influenced by fellow Dutchman Van Gogh, who pioneered the use of bright colors, Piet Mondrian's geometric works influenced a whole generation of abstractionists.

Piet Mondrian (1872-1944)
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