Australian Slang – How to Get By Down Under

In America we all know an ankle-biter is an obnoxious child, and avos are avocados. These are just a couple of Aussie slang words we have picked up and use daily. Aussie being a prime example of Australian Slang, we also know that “down under” is either Australia or New Zealand.

Mozzies are definitely the disease-carrying mosquitoes, but a billy is something you boil water in. A wombat is someone who eats shoots and leaves, and is probably just a vejjo (vegetarian).

Whatever you do in Australia, please don’t whinge (whine), as it is unsightly. You’d be better off getting a wobbly boot on (get drunk) than getting all wobbly (excited). Someone may be accused of having kangaroos loose in their top paddock if they appear a bit deranged.

If you have caught a wog, it is either the flu or a cold, definitely not an Indian. A wog is as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle. Tall poppies are not where heroin comes from, these are successful people who must be subjected to daily criticism (tall poppy syndrome). Not a tall poppy? Then you are a sook (soft, tame and weak).

A schooner is a big beer in Queensland, and you would be called a banana bender if you lived there. If you’re from Western Australia you might be called a sandgroper. If you live south of Queensland you could be referred to as a “Mexican” oddly enough. But clearly, Tassies are Tasmanians, and if you don’t like them you can call them Taswegians. But don’t ask for a girl for a “mappa tassie,” she might slap you! A mappa tassie is a woman’s pubic hair.

Your mate (friend) may drive a ute (utility truck) in the outback, and I’m sure he brings along a tucker bag and cooler filled with many, many cold cans of tinny (beer). In some situations without enough fourexes (XXXX brand beer), or on a walkabout (a walk in the Outback that lasts for an indefinite amount of time), you could “go troppo” (escape to a condition of tropical madness).

So in parting I offer an “Aussie salute” (as I wave away the flies) and say, G’Day to you too! Here is a short list I have complied of my more favorite and well-used slang expressions:

Ankle biter - small child

Aussie - Australian

Aussie salute – to brush away flies with one’s hand

Avos - avocados

Banana bender - a person from Queensland

Barbie - barbecue

Bastard - term of endearment

Bathers - bathing suit

Battler - someone working hard and only just making a living

Bikkie - biscuit

Billabong - an ox-bow river or watering hole

Billy – pot for boiling water

Bingle - motor vehicle accident

Bities - biting insects

Bitzer - mongrel dog

Bizzo - business

Bloke - man, guy

Bog in - chow down

Bog standard - simple, unadorned

Bogged - stuck in mud or deep sand

Boomer - male kangaroo

Brekkie - breakfast

Bush - the outback

Bushie - bush resident

BYO - someplace where you have to bring your own booze

Cab Sav - Cabernet Sauvignon wine

Chokkie - chocolate

Chook - chicken

Chunder - vomit

Click - kilometre - "it's over 100 clicks from here"

Cobber - friend

Down under - Australia and New Zealand

Drongo - Idiot

Earbashing - nagging, non-stop chatter

Fair dinkum - true, genuine

Fair go - a chance
Feral - a hippie

Footy - Australian Rules football

Fossick - search

Fossick - to prospect

Fossicker - prospector

G'Day - hello!

Get Stuffed! - Fuck You!

Give it a burl - try it, have a go

Gobsmacked - surprised, astounded

Good oil - a good idea

Good onya - good for you

Greenie - environmentalist

Grog - liquor, beer

Gutful of piss - drunk

Jackaroo - a male farm hand

Jillaroo - a female farm hand

Joey - baby kangaroo

Jug - electric kettle

Jumbuck - sheep

Knocker - somebody who criticises

Liquid laugh - vomit

Maccas - McDonald's burgers

Mappa Tassie - map of Tasmania - a woman's pubic area

Mate - buddy, friend

Mate's rate - friend's discount

Matilda - sleeping bag

Mexican - a person from the south of Oz

Milk bar - corner shop that sells takeaway food

Mozzie - mosquito

Muddy - mud crab

Mull - grass (cannabis)

Muster - round up sheep or cattle

Mystery bag - a sausage

Nasho - National Service (compulsory military service)

Naughty, have a - have sex

Never Never - the Outback

Nipper - young one

No drama - same as 'no worries'

No worries! - no problem, covers everything

Not the full quid - not bright intellectually

Nuddy - nude

Nut out - hammer out or work out

O S - overseas

Off one's face - drunk

Offsider - an assistant, helper

Oldies - parents

Outback - interior of Australia

Oz - Australia!

Piece of piss - easy task

Piker - a loner

Piss - beer

Plate, bring a - Instruction on party or BBQ invitation to bring your own food It doesn't mean they're short of crockery!

Plonk - cheap wine

Polly - politician

Pom, pommy - an Englishman

Pommy bastard - an Englishman

Pommy shower - using deodorant instead of taking a shower

Quid - money

Reckon! - you bet!

Rego - vehicle registration

Ridgy-didge - original, genuine

Road train - big truck with many trailers

Rollie - a cigarette that you roll yourself

Roo - kangaroo

Roo bar - stout bar fixed to the front of a vehicle to protect the car from damage when hitting kangaroos (or any wildlife) in the outback

Root - fuck (that turkey was rooted to death)

Root rat - somebody who is constantly looking for sex

Sandgroper - a person from Western Australia

Schooner - large beer glass in Queensland; medium beer glass in South Australia

Servo - petrol station

Shark biscuit - somebody new to surfing

She'll be right - it'll turn out okay

Sheila - a girl

Shout - your turn to buy a round of drinks

Slab - a carton of 24 bottles or cans of beer

Sleepout - house verandah converted to a bedroom

Sook - person or animal who is soft or tame

Station - a big farm/grazing property

Stoked - very pleased

Stonkered - drunk

Strine - Australian slang and pronunciation

Stubby - a 375ml beer bottle

Stubby holder - polystyrene insulated holder for a stubby

Stuffed - fucked

Sunbake - sunbathe

Sunnies - sunglasses

Surfies - people who go surfing - usually more often than they go to work!

Swag - sleeping bag

Swaggie - swagman (person carrying a sleeping bag)

Swagman - tramp, hobo (person carrying a sleeping bag)

Tall poppies - successful people

Tall poppy syndrome - the tendency to criticize successful people

Taswegian - derogatory term for a person from Tasmania

Technicolor yawn - vomit

Tinny - can of beer

Togs - swim suit

Top End - far north of Australia

Troppo, gone - to have escaped to a state of tropical madness; to have lost the veneer of civilisation after spending too long in the tropics

Tucker - food

Tucker bag - food bag

You little Ripper! - a reaction to good news

Useful as an ashtray on a motorbike (do you need an explanation?)

Ute - utility vehicle, Aussie-style pickup truck

Vedgies - vegetables

Vegemite - Salty Aussie food spread, a by product of beer

Vejjo - vegetarian

Walkabout - a walk in the Outback by Aborigines that lasts for an indefinite amount of time

Whinge - complain

White pointers - topless (female) sunbathers

Wobbly - excitable (she got all wobbly when I askedor drunk (he's got a wobbly boot on...)

Wog - flu or trivial illness

Wombat - somebody who eats, roots and leaves (see also root)

Woop Woop - fabricated name for any unknown place (they live in Woop Woop)

Wowser - straight person, a prude, puritan, or spoilsport

Wuss - coward or nervous person

XXXX - pronounced Four X, brand of beer made in Queensland

~Martin Trip

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