Franz Kafka Exhibition

Franz Kafka was born in the Old Town Square in Prague in 1883. The son of German/Jewish/Czech parents, he wrote exclusively in German. He was a very influential writer, and his stories dealt with faceless bureaucracy and social alientation. His most famous works are The Trial and Metamophosis.

Kafka's work wasn't published until after his death, then the Nazis and Communists both banned his work. Yet his books managed to strike a chord with many writers who felt he'd broken new ground with his social commentary fiction.

This exhibition displays some of Kafka's original works and photographs from the period. It's worth a visit to pay homage to a man who influenced so many writers (this one included!).

Location: Prague 1, U Radnice 5 (Old Town Square)
Open: Tuesday to Friday, 10am to 6pm, Saturdays 10am - 5pm Entrance Fee: 20 crowns

Franz Kafka Exhibition
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