: Driving over Lemons: An Optimist in Spain

ShoppingDriving over Lemons: An Optimist in Spain by Chris Stewart Chris Stewart was once the drummer for Genesis, and this is the story of how he purchased a farm house in Andalucia, without electricity, running water, or even a road. It's a very well-written, funny tale of expat life, filled with all sorts of cultural problems, and interesting people. This book is a top ten hit in the UK, as I'm sure many there can relate to trying to relocate in Spain. Great holiday reading!

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: Living and Working in Spain: Survival Handbook

Living and Working in Spain : Survival Handbook by David Hampshire Often when you move to another country, you're faced with frustrating obstacles at every turn. Besides language difficulties, there's also cultural and procedural differences that can cause unexpected problems. I used this book when I was living in Spain and it was full of useful information about how to get what you need, how to deal with the bureaucracy, legal tips and much more. This kind of advice is invaluable since it can prevent major hassles and headaches.

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: Lonely Planet: Spain by Damien Simonis

CoffeeshopsLonely Planet: Spain by Damien Simonis Lonely Planet has been the authority on budget, insightful, alternative travel for 30 years. This guide to Spain is no exception. Get this book and read it before you go to get psyched up, and plan your itinerary. All Lonely Planet guides assume you are not just a tourist, but a traveler who really wants experience a different culture and the local people. And their books help you to do exactly that, and are perfect for turning you on to the cool things to do.

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: Iberia by James A. Michener

CoffeeshopsIberia by James A. Michener Unlike most Michener books, this one is more of a travelogue rather than a work of fiction. Michener traveled around Spain during the 1960s and wrote profusely about the country he loved. Although Spain has changed radically during the intervening decades, it does provide a lot of insight into Spanish history, culture and personality. A good read and as with all Michener books, it contains valuable lessons about a unique culture. 0449207331

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: Following the Sun: From Andalusia to the Hebrides

Things to Do in AmsterdamFollowing the Sun: From Andalusia to the Hebrides by John Hanson Mitchell This engaging and inspiring read follows a bicyclist on a 1500K trek from Cadiz in Southern Spain thru France to the British Isles eventually ending in the Hebrides in Scotland. On the way Mitchell's main goal is to follow the summer sun and report on how others worship the sun in various cultures. There's a lot of interesting stories and insights into the cultures he passes through. The section on Andalucia and Spain is quite good, and will encourage travelers to seek out their own spot of sun in that beautiful part of the world.

Posted by on Friday, June 07 @ 08:13:10 UTC (997 reads)
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: The Rough Guide to Spain

The DutchThe Rough Guide to Spain by Mark Ellingham, John Fisher The Rough Guides combine in depth research about each destination, excellent recommendations for lodging and eating for budget travelers, alternative attractions and information, and much more. These guides are updated regularly, and this is the 2004 edition, so it's going to have the latest info for your trip!

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: Eyewitness Travel Guide to Spain

The DutchEyewitness Travel Guide to Spain by Deni Bown This wonderful guide book series is famous for the beautiful illustrations of buildings, especially the cutaway interiors, floorplans, and also for the walking tours of various cities. Nice maps, photos, restaurant and hotel listings, useful info and much more make this guide one of the most popular. The Spain Guide includes special sections on Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Andalucia, the Basque country, even the Canary Islands!

Posted by on Friday, June 07 @ 07:41:26 UTC (1120 reads)
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