: Internet Access in Amsterdam

Amsterdam TipsHow do you get online in Amsterdam? Thankfully, there's so many Internet Cafes it's hard to keep track of them. The largest by far is EasyInternetCafe, just renamed from EasyEverything. They have two locations, each with hundreds of computers see our review. The one on the Damrak is convenient to Centraal Station with several stories of computers and a coffeebar. Their second location is near the Rembrandtplein. You can also find several smaller Internet Cafes in the area including the CyberCafe on the Nieuwendyke and The Internet Cafe on Martelaarsgracht 11. Many more computers with Internet access can be found in Coffeeshops scattered around the Centrum. Some charge for access, some don't. If you're going to be living in Amsterdam for some time, you'll want to check out establishing an Internet account with one of the local service providers (ISPs). You'll have quite a choice with KPN, the Dutch phone company, offering ISDN and DSL options. Wanadoo, a French company offers FREE dialup access, as well as a paid DSL service in Amsterdam. But the biggest high speed provider is UPC, which offers high speed cable Internet along with cable and digital TV and phone service, all over one cable via the Chello service out of England. UPC has been the source of much scorn and has earned the ire of everyone who has used their service at one time or another. But today their service is much improved and the speed of their network (when it's running right) is unsurpassed by any. If you factor in the TV service (lots of English channels including CNN, BBC1+2, TCM, MTV, Discovery, and more), the nearly free phone lines (you get two automatically!), and the fastest Internet access, at a GREAT Price, it's hard to beat. Residential service for all the above runs about 60 Euros a month! But be warned, their Internet service can go down for days at a time (TV & phone are unaffected)! Although this is becoming more rare. The Dutch have been on the cutting edge of the Internet, and Dutch websites tend to be very well done, with plenty of style, and lots of good information. You can now find many official websites with English versions, including the City of Amsterdam and other national information sites with official documents translated into English.

Note: Find out how to get online cheaply in Amsterdam.

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