: Soft Drugs, Smart Drugs, Paraphernalia

ShoppingThanks to the tolerant attitude of the Dutch, soft drugs (marijuana and hashish) are everywhere and can be purchased at any one of over 400 coffeeshops.  See our Dutch Coffeeshop Scene for more info.  In addition all over town are smart shops that sell magic mushrooms, and herbal ecstacy type products.  If you're looking for these sorts of soft drugs we recommend a stroll down the Damstraat into the Red Light District.  What ever you do, don't buy anything on the street.  Not only will you get ripped off, you might get sick!  There is no need to buy soft drugs on the street!  And lastly, don't bring any drugs back home, it ain't worth the risk!

Note: From marijuana to mushrooms, bongs to bubble bags or herbal extasy to hemp soda, Amsterdam offers up an amazing array of tempting treats for your psychedelic party.

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: Public Holidays in Australia 2006

ArchitectureHere is a list of Annual Holidays in Australia for the year 2006, with major events of note.

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: London's Theater Scene

CoffeeshopsThe theater is alive and kicking in London these days. Major productions, including Phantom of the Opera, Bombay Dreams, Les Miserables and many others are still drawing huge audiences. London's Theater district surrounds the Covent Garden area, extending to Piccadilly Circus and down to Trafalgar Square. In addition to almost 50 stages, this area is also home to many other types of entertainment including movie theaters and live music venues. If you visit the area during the day, you'll see many ticket agents offering reduced prices, as much as 50% off, for that evening's performances. When I was there one summer day, you could buy discounted tickets for about half the shows in London. Pick up the London Theatre Guide for a list of all the major productions around town. Check the theater listings on this site for more info on theaters and plays!

Note: If you have the chance, don't miss catching a play or musical at one of London's famous theaters.

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