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Amsterdam's Cafes

The Cafe scene in Amsterdam is the primary social milieu for meeting friends.  Apartments are so small that most gatherings are held in a favorite cafe.  In the summer, everyone sits outside especially when the weather is fine.  Cafes attract a very diverse crowd depending upon the location, the food, and the ambience.  Brown cafes have a regular crowd of older locals.  Other cafes have a more trendy menu attracting a younger group.  Coffeeshops attract mostly tourists by selling marijuana and hashish.  No matter what your tastes, you'll find numerous cafes that'll interest you.  The locale, the music, the crowd, and the food all contribute to the ambiance, making each cafe a unique experience.  Few cities in the world can match Amsterdam's cafe scene.

Note: Most of Amsterdam's social life takes place in cafes and coffeeshops that serve up food, drink, music and even marijuana. You're sure to find a favorite place to toast your friends and life itself!

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Canal Houses

Old canal houses are very popular in Amsterdam.  Some of these narrow buildings are 500 years old.  They lean at very odd angles, adding a certain charm to the city.  Once taxes were assessed by the size of the frontage, forcing the thrifty Dutch to build their homes very narrow.  Some canal houses are barely wider than the front door!  Amsterdam now has strict regulations prohibiting new construction in the historic area (practically the whole central city).  So ongoing renovations keep the houses livable.  Restored canal houses can be worth millions of dollars.

Note: Amsterdam's old canal houses are constantly being renovated, adding charm and elegance to the city center.

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: Dutch Fashions

Dutch fashions are pretty wild.  These mannekins give you some sort of idea.  The one on the right's dress says the word "fuck" over and over and over. Dutch fashions run the gamut from 50s style plaid sport jackets to gothic black to punk to hip hop to orange everything! And of course, the Dutch are fond of American clothes, but a wave of young, talented designers is creating a new fashion scene in Amsterdam.

Note: Dutch fashions run the gamut from 50s style plaid sport jackets to gothic black to punk to hip hop to orange everything!

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Amsterdam, Feng Shui Capital of Europe

Amsterdam is easily one of the most people friendly cities in the world.  You can walk just about everywhere, and most people do.  The Feng Shui (Wind/Water - art of geomancy) of this city is perfect.  Canals are everywhere, and the breezes through the town are almost constant.  This creates a vibrancy as energy is constantly flowing through Amsterdam.  The millions of tourists who visit notice this and return again and again.  You too will be energized, enchanted and entranced by this magical place.

Note: With the wind whisking through its streets and massive amounts of water flowing through hundreds of canals, Amsterdam is a wonder of feng shui.

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