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Posted by on Saturday, March 23 @ 05:20:56 UTC (7235 reads)
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Get Drunk in Amsterdam!

Staying out late and getting drunk with friends is perhaps the most popular sport in Holland. Yes, far more Dutch people get drunk than use other drugs! Brown pubs are everywhere and serve as the center of social life for many Dutch people. These cozy, smokey bars have a lot of charm and are a great way to mingle with the locals. If you're a beer fan, you've come to the right city to indulge yourself. Amsterdam is the home of several great beers including the world's #2 seller, Heineken. And their old brewery is one of the best places to get sloshed as they let you drink all you can in half an hour at the end of the tour. It's probably just as well that they limit you since more time would result in some serious complications, no? Other great beer companies from Amsterdam and Holland are Amstel (named after the river), Grolsch and Orangeboom. If that's not enough variety many pubs also serve a selection of excellent Belgian beers, and of course the ubiquitous Corona and other international beers are available. However, if you're expecting German size beer steins, you're going to be disappointed since the famous Dutch stingyness comes through in the form of tiny beer glasses. Unlike the British who fill 'er up and wipe away the excess foam, much of that glass will contain suds. So if you're intending to drink your way into oblivion, you should request a large beer or half-liter which will set you back around 3.50 €uros or so. If you're adventurous, you can always try another Dutch favorite, Jenever (Gin) made from juniper berries. It's quite strong flavorwise and takes some getting used to. There are many kinds of Jenever and pubs that specialize in this kind of fire water. Wines from all over Europe are on the menu everywhere, French, Italian, Spanish, German, you name it, and the prices are reasonable. On nice summer days you'll see many Dutch floating down canals on all sorts of boats having fun partying and getting drunk. If you ever get a chance to join one of these, don't miss it! Actually drunkeness is a serious problem in Holland and the police will treat it very serious if you are found drinking and driving. Don't do it! Alcoholism is also a major health problem, far more so than illegal drug addiction (yes alcohol is a drug too). So if you're a major league alcoholic (come on, admit it, why else would you be reading this?), why not try some marijuana while you're here? It's much healthier, gets you just as wasted, and you won't have a big hangover the next day. Now Amsterdam police are enforcing the law against drinking on the streets. You cannot carry an open alcoholic beverage while walking or hanging out on the street. So do your drinking in a pub or restaurant or coffeeshop or on their patios. I recently got to watch a police officer make a public spectacle out of a few tourists who were walking around drinking from Heineken cans. The officer grabbed the cans, slammed them down on the sidewalk, stomped on them, held them up (for the large crowd that had stopped to see), then drained off the remaining beer into the street. Then he spent the next five minutes lecturing everyone about the law...

Note: If your idea of a night on the town involves bar hopping and drinking as much booze as you can, you've come to the right place!

Posted by on Monday, July 16 @ 02:48:01 UTC (17212 reads)
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Get Laid in Amsterdam!


So you're horny as hell and need some relief. In your home town, you'd probably go to a video store and find some porn to keep you company or perhaps visit your favorite bar or club and pray you get lucky. Well, here in the Red Light District of Amsterdam, you can just walk around a few minutes, take your pick of a bevy of beauties and unless you look like Charles Manson, they won't say no! Of course you DO have to pay, with the standard price now €50 (about $45), but it will be safe sex with a pro.

Some things you should know before venturing out. First, take no pictures of prostitutes or you're just askin' for trouble. If you see someone you'd like to know more intimately, you can let her know and she'll open the door to talk. Tell her what you want and she'll tell you the price. She can refuse you if she chooses. You must wear a condom! All prostitutes in the Red Light District get regular health checks, but it's still smart to be safe.

If the Red Light alleyway scene doesn't appeal to you, there are brothels and private houses where prostitution goes on in a more traditional fashion. Some brothels charge 70 €uros just to walk in, others are free entrance. After entering a brothel, you can take a seat at the bar or a table and you'll be introduced to the ladies, usually one at a time. You can make your selection then. They'll encourage you to buy an overpriced drink or champagne while you get to know them better. You get either an hour or a half-hour in which to play.

Private houses are another option but they can be more difficult to find. The situation is a bit different as there won't be a bar, and you just make your selection and do your thing. Usually private homes are cheaper than brothels.

For those of you with fetish fantasies, there are S&M and leather places that provide whatever equipment and special services you require. These kinds of establishments will screen you more carefully and cost substantially more.

If you're really shy or just can't handle the real thing, there are dozens of live sex shows, video cabins, and porno shops where you can find something to turn you on. So get over your inhibitions and enjoy what you have on hand (hehe...).

The Prostitution Information Center or PIC, near the Oude Kerk, can give you more info about prostitutes and sell you condoms or lubricants.


If you're gay, you'll want to stoll down the Warmoesstraat where gay clubs abound including the Cockring and the Stablemaster. The other area is the Reguliersdwarstraat (outside the Red Light District) where you'll find the famous iT gay disco and the popular Havana bar. You're sure to find some action there. Sorry, but outside of a few Asian transvestites (sometimes showing a bluelight), there are no longer any gay prostitutes in windows. That experiment didn't go over too well. But there are a number of private clubs that cater to various gay tastes. Ask around at any of the gay places to find out more. For you lesbians, many of the same venues have women's nights. There are currently no women only bars in Amsterdam, but there is quite a scene that moves around.

Posted by on Wednesday, July 11 @ 08:48:02 UTC (403480 reads)
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: Get Stoned in Amsterdam!

So you've heard that the Dutch are tolerant towards the recreational use of soft drugs. Now you want to find out more about the Dutch Coffeeshop Scene. Well you can take a look at our Coffeeshop Reviews and find that cool place with the right combination of music, ambiance and of course great smoke. But you might also want to read our Cannabis Smoking Tips which warn you about the effects and offer suggestions should you do too much.
Yes folks, marijuana joints come in colorful packages with bar codes and recycling labels, now available in Dutch Coffeeshops, and soon coming to a store near you??? If you need some paraphernalia, check out our Headshop Reviews. For some seeds or clones to grow your own, our Grow Shop Reviews will be very helpful. And if you want to check out other natural psychedelics like mushrooms, peyote and salvia divinorum visit our Smart Shop reviews. If you're curious about the drug laws in Holland and why they're so liberal, visit Amsterdam's Drug Policy page. I guarantee you'll discover what a socially healthy attitude towards drugs entails. Every drug czar, DEA agent, and politician should read this and learn. We also recommend Hippyland's Drug Page with links to the best sites to learn more about all types of drugs.

Note: If you've ever wanted to smoke cannabis out in the open, without fear, you're welcome here. The world's best selection of marijuana and hashish are awaiting your enjoyment.

Posted by on Monday, July 09 @ 08:15:04 UTC (50987 reads)
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Pig Out in Amsterdam!

Indonesian Ricetafel Search For Restaurants by Type
American Chinese Dutch French Greek Indian Indonesian Italian Japanese Malaysian Mexican Moroccan Spanish Thai Turkish Vegetarian So you've got the munchies and need to find relief. Luckily, you're in Amsterdam where a whole world of tempting delights await to satisfy your hunger for something different. If you're looking to eat out, your quest should start with our story about Amsterdam's Restaurant Scene. It'll give you an overview of the types of food available. If you're wondering where to find restaurants, our ever expanding Restaurant Reviews will point you in the right direction for International cuisine. We're pretty picky so you shouldn't be disappointed by our recommendations. For less formal fare, consider Amsterdam's Cafes which often have very tasty food and stay open later! If you want a quick, inexpensive bite to fill up your tank, Fast Food can be a good option. If you want to fix your own meal or just pick up some cheese and bread we recommend visiting one of the outdoor markets like the Albert Cuyp Markt or perhaps a supermarket where there are many Dutch Specialties to whet your appetite.

Note: So you've got the munchies and need to find relief. Luckily, you're in Amsterdam where a whole world of tempting delights await to satisfy your hunger for something different.

Posted by on Sunday, July 08 @ 12:10:09 UTC (10539 reads)
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Go Shopping in Amsterdam!

The Nieuwendijk and Kalverstraat together form a pedestrian shopping mall nearly a mile long.  This area has everything, but clothing dominates.  Paralleling these streets one block east is another set of shopping streets, the Damrak and Rokin.  The Damrak which starts at Centraal Station caters mainly to tourists with travel agencies, banks, restaurants, and American Express.  The Rokin has Vroom and Dreesman, a large department store, and some very tony shops including Sotheby's Auction house.  Another area for upscale shopping is the Museumplein area around the Concertgebouw where trendy boutiques carry the latest fashions. A very interesting stretch of small shops extends from the Dam down the Damstraat (it changes names).  Here you'll find the largest collection of headshops, smartshops, coffeeshops, import shops and weird stuff anywhere. Whether you're looking for a bag from Bali, a vest from Nepal, a bong or waterpipe or something to put into it you'll find ample selection here.  Along this one street you'll find a great bakery, Rene's Croissanterie, the Old Man Headshop, the Greehouse Coffeeshop and the Ecstacy Coffeeshop, the Hash Hemp Marijuana Museum, the Sensi Seed Bank and Coffeeshop, and many, many more alternative shops. The Waterlooplein is the setting for a huge market everyday except Sunday.  This is the place to find bargains on clothes, some furnishings and a range of used items. If you're looking for antiques, bookstores, lamps, or weird knick-knacks try the Jordaan where small boutiques offer a more intimate shopping experience. This area, full of artists and students, is a fine place to just browse around, because you never know what you'll find. Narrow, tree-lined streets and canals with little traffic will make your shopping experience a pleasant one. Small inviting neighborhood cafes, coffeeshops and restaurants tempt you to take a break. If you're looking for furniture, appliances, electronics and other household items, there are some shopping areas that specialize in these items. Try the Ceintuurbaan in town, or go south of town to the Arena area where there's Media Markt (electronics & appliances), a good sporting goods store and more. Also there are many huge shopping complexes with stores like Praxis (hardware), Makro (Costco-like wholesale), Ikea (furniture), A&P hypermarkt (groceries, small appliances and clothing). These stores are usually way cheaper than you'll find downtown. A car is essential to bring back any big purchases. Another good alternative can be found down in Amstelveen, a southern suburb of Amsterdam. There are two modern indoor malls (see photo left) and one outdoor shopping street with mostly designer logos. There's all the same chains you'll find in Amsterdam from the Blocker to Vroom & Dreesman to De Bijenkorp. A few American chains are there too, like Timberland. It's a bit upmarket, and very crowded on the weekends, but still a slower pace than Amsterdam. Take the metro to Amstelveen Centraal or the 5 tram south to it's terminus right at the mall.

Note: Whether you're looking for fashions, electronics or just some souveniers, here's some tips on where to go to make your shopping easier.

Posted by on Tuesday, June 19 @ 03:44:42 UTC (18053 reads)
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