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Dyssekilde, Denmark

With so much attention being given to the "free city" community of Christiania in Copenhagen at the moment, I wanted to shed light on a fascinating alternative-living project near Hundested in North Denmark.

Dyssekilde is a community of houses in an idyllic rural setting, built using alternative and environmentally-friendly methods. People have come from as far away as Australia and Mexico to buy plots here and as I write, several new projects are in the making and the village is full of people roughing it in caravans, wagons and tents as they build their homes.

People are using strawbale techniques, solar- and wind-power, recycled timber, bricks etc, permaculture and "living roofs" covered in grass among many others. Its an expanding community with organic food shop and bakery, craft shop and several artists (see www.livstrae.dk) and any interested visitors will receive a warm welcome.

If you want to really integrate and learn about the community you can stay and work on a nearby, closely-connected organic farm (www.roejle.dk) by joining WWOOF (www.wwoof.org).

My photos of Dyssekilde can be seen at: http://community.webshots.com/user/joannahruby

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Added: July 2nd 2005
Reviewer: J.H

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