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Parducci Winery

Parducci Tasting Room, Ukiah, California

California is famous for its wines, and Mendocino County has some of the best wineries in the state.  One of my all time favorites is the Parducci Winery, just outside Ukiah, California.

Parducci was founded by Italian immigrants, and it was the first winery established in Mendocino County, although grapes have been grown here since the civil war.

Parducci is now part of the Mendocino Wine Company, with several labels in production.  I've tried a number of them, and while some are good, I'm still partial to the Parducci label.

Parducci makes a range of reds and whites as well as blush wines. I recommend the reds over the whites, as they seem to do much better in the Mendocino climate and soil.

Out of the reds, two varieties are outstanding.  Their Petite Sirah is perhaps one of the best wines produced in the US, yet one of the most reasonably priced high quality reds you'll find in all California.  Likewise their Cabernet Sauvingnon is excellent.  The Zinfandel is very good too.

I've enjoyed these wines for more than 30 years and the quality and consistency rarely varies.  You can put those reds down in your cellar for quite sometime and they will reward you handsomely.

The Parducci tasting room is free, and you can try all their varieties if you like.  Their Zig-Zag-Zin is another popular, tasty red wine, but it's not a Parducci labeled wine.

Tip: Avoid their higher priced, non-Parducci labeled wines.  They're more hype than substance in my opinion, and the high prices just aren't worth it when the Parducci label offers superior quality at much more reasonable prices.

Parducci now claims to be the first "carbon neutral" winery in the USA. Visit their sustainability page to find out more.

More Info:

Address: 501 Parducci Road, Ukiah CA
Postcode: 95482
Phone: 707 463-5350
Added: May 6th 2007
Reviewer: skip
Hits: 2217
Language: english


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