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Hemp Hotel

This groovy little hotel promotes hemp products with every conceiveable item made of hemp. Mila Jansen is well known for inventing the Pollinator which makes hashish out of leftover cannabis leaves. The Hotel has very reasonable rates which include a vegetarian breakfast. Prices range from 100-145 guilders per room. The Hemp Hotel is located in a quiet part of town.

The Hemple Temple Bar is located in the ground floor and has all sorts of hemp food and drinks for you to try. It's open nights until early in the a.m.

More Info:

Address: Frederiksplein 15
City: Amsterdam
Phone: 625-4425
Added: June 29th 2001
Reviewer: Skip
Related Link: Hemp Hotel Website
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Posted by Dave Sullivan on 2005-04-29 08:18:49
My Score:
A friend and I stayed at the Hemp Hotel after having seen it on Lonely Planet video. We thought it was a fantastic, totally Amsterdamisch experience. It's not an American Hilton, definitely, but that's not what Amsterdam is about. If you want that experience, go to Disneyworld and say "Hi" to Mickey. Everything was up to snuff in our room and bathroom and the people we met were soooo much more interesting than the phoney characters down in Orlando. The staff was very polite and helpful and introduced us to a lot of wonderful products that are banned in the so-called "Land of the FREE". It was an awesome experience overall. And NO BEDBUGS!

Posted by John Mitchell on 2004-06-30 17:07:44
My Score:
Well I have stayed at the Hemp Hotel on several occasions and have found the rooms to be homely and comfortable, aswell as kind and helpful staff who made our trip there well worth going back again and again. I'm sure its not for everyone, but if you like to relax and keep in mind it is a budget hotel I am sure you will have a good time.

Posted by John Merrall on 2003-11-02 13:07:13
My Score:
A friend and I were in Amsterdam in December 2002, and the first place we stayed was the Hemp Hotel. I dunno if it could have gone downhill in just the last year, but I thought it was a perfectly nice place. It's no Holiday Inn, but the rooms are fairly inexpensive for Amsterdam and the people that run the place are nice. It's in a nice neighbourhood, away from the slimier parts of town. No, I wasn't bitten by anything, and no, the room wasn't particularly dingy, and no, the room wasn't in disrepair, and no, I was never too stoned to notice. The shower was sort of makeshift, but that's what you'll find pretty much at any affordable place in the city. Like I said, don't expect a Holiday Inn. If you want something posh, go to City Hotel A'dam and pay E150-E200 a night. But for something cheap, I've got absolutely no problem with the Hemp Hotel.

Posted by mike yarwood. on 2003-11-01 05:34:26
My Score:
i dont no what you expect but the hotel is run by slack weed smokers theres bound to be a few problems.

Posted by Ben Higgins on 2003-10-03 23:21:08
My Score:
I had a disapointing stay at this hotel. The room was poorly decorated, it had no curtains. The beds were old and worn and my wife and I were bitten by something overnight. I would not recommend staying here.

Posted by on 2003-08-22 10:48:08
My Score:
Wel I styaed at this hotel and I thought it was very nice. It wasn't a palace I must admit but for 65 euro's a night per room what more do you expect

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-06-11 11:17:17
My Score:
Hi there My friend and I were thinking we might book to stay at the Hemp Hotel for a couple of nights, though the last few reviews I've read have been rather negative. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who's stayed there in the last few weeks. Is it as bad as many people say?

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-02-13 16:44:40
My Score:
Either someone has an ax to grind against these people, or there may actually be a cleanliness / "sanitation" problem here. I was going to book a room here for my next trip, and in my web research found many postings & reviews at different sites referring to unclean sheets, rooms, and body-biting bugs. I have no idea whether these malicious reviews are true or not, but I must confess they scared me away. If indeed the stories are not true, then Hemp Hotel has: a) enemies; b) a serious "PR" problem. Here's hoping the issue gets resolved one way or another, as I was looking forward to staying there, but scabies I DON'T need. Does anyone who stays there regularly have anything good to say about the place?

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