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Funky little shop with great vibes and a fine selection of hash and grass. The afghan bud was sweetly memorable, and I enjoy hanging out here and letting the world go by. Recently redone, with beautiful glass lamps and decorations. Downstairs is a display of amazingly beautiful handblown glass pipes. The Rusland is on one of A'dam's quietest streets, but in a great location near the center of town.

Check out their excellent Nederhash and their wonderful selection of bulk teas. The Edelweiss is super!

More Info:

Address: Rusland 16
City: Amsterdam
Postcode: 1012CL
Phone: 020-627-9468
Added: July 5th 2001
Reviewer: Martin
Hits: 18668

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Posted by DOPE!!! on 2011-07-13 18:51:07
My Score:

Posted by barby from farmersville on 2011-05-23 21:34:32
My Score:
great place to go, very cool, extremely nice people.

Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-28 07:53:48
My Score:
my favourite place in the Dam,try their super polm always nice and chilled place with good staff, we always pop in when in amsterdam.

Posted by Marco on 2007-01-21 16:43:22
My Score:
Very quite and relaxing. Gorgeous music selection!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-30 20:36:07
My Score:
stumbled upon the rusland quite pleasent dealer very helpful got a 5g bag of b52 for 25euros menu good choice felt chilled in here will be going back again

Posted by gord_illo on 2006-02-16 03:34:41
My Score:
Funky spot!!

Posted by glasstech on 2005-11-20 08:08:40
My Score:
I used to stay across the street at the SAS Radisson many, many times and the Rusland is the perfect place to start and finish the day. Usually the quietest times of the day so the service was always excellent. We now stay at the Crowne Plaza, more perks than the SAS and cheaper too, so we don't get to visit the Rusland but once a trip now. Highly worth finding it and spending some time there.

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-09-09 16:05:49
My Score:
This shop is a great place to hang out. No alcohol, but a great selection of teas and very good music. Both the dealer and the guy making the tea were very friendly and although the bench seating is not that comfortable the overall feel of the shop is great. Most importantly, the White Russian was the best smoke I had all weekend. This shop will definitely be on my short list of favorites. Chris, sorry you couldn't make it, damn that Katrina.

Posted by Ben&Mathias on 2005-08-31 14:10:42
My Score:
No comment, perfect! Maybe one of the best coffeshop in Amsterdam!

Posted by Matt on 2005-07-08 14:53:38
My Score:
Rusland is a nice, well run place with good staff and a (fairly) good menu. I would recommend the White Russian, but the Purple Haze was poor. If you like a selection of Tea and a quite spot to gather your thoughts - this place is definitely for you.

Posted by Banksie on 2005-06-26 15:33:20
My Score:
Really nice vibe and very friendly staff, music was pretty good too. Staff let me request some sounds, whilst we chilled and smoked our own gear. The coffee was great too!! A bit off the beaten track but worth finding.

Posted by stefan on 2005-06-12 12:38:20
My Score:
really good vaporiser - vulcano, great pyrex-glass pipes and good stuff to smoke!don´t miss it!

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-05-10 22:46:56
My Score:
friendly, certainly not expensive for the names of weed you get served, ->good ak 47 ;)

Posted by Chrisy & Kerry on 2005-03-07 15:08:13
My Score:
Took a while to find this wee place but it was worth it , a very nice place to sit . The dealer let us have a good look mat the weed B4 we bought , we ended up buying a gram of shiva as the beaming colour and smell of it was sweet an citrusy. any way I noticed the Volcano Vaporiser on the bar lookin very lonely, so I asked about it at the bar and they were only to happy to fire it up. For anyone who hasn't tried it it takes about 5 mins to heat up and in those 5 mins. i was actually a bit nervous , but as i seen the clear plastic bag fill up with shiva i thought happy days . to cut a long story short I sat there Zinging for about an hour talkin shite with my girl as we indulged in a few rockets . Great Job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-01-24 14:58:41
My Score:
Best Tea ever and best Coffeshop

Posted by ray on 2004-10-20 21:51:51
My Score:
Overall a nice place, the weeddealer was a little unfriendly at first, no idea why, but it got better, the waitress upstairs was very nice and helpful. Not crowded at all, had no probs finding a spot for myself.

Posted by Miss Yellow on 2004-10-04 00:40:56
My Score:
Nice glass here! White Russian gets a 10 and Napolm Hash gets an 8!

Posted by Gwaelod on 2004-10-03 19:22:35
My Score:
WoW. Try the super skunk

Posted by penfold on 2004-01-19 15:44:31
My Score:
I love this coffee shop, nice, relaxing and still have a microscope for you to view the merchandise. Every visit to Amsterdam I end up in this coffee shop and always will.

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-07 15:59:48
My Score:
The ony bio worth buying is the SILVER PEARL. The DUTCH Delight is not that delightful, but for price is nice. Super Polm is good, and The VOLCANO vaporizer is a must. Julian/Jules is COOL as can be, thanks. Do not ever buy the skunk mix or pre rolled joints, they are all thai. Nice bong selection. Met the craziest old hippy dude there that reminded my of albert enstein puffin on a fat one.

Posted by Boner on 2003-11-22 13:06:14
My Score:
Nice chilled atmosphere bordering on "hippyish" cant remember what i smoked there so it couldnt of been too bad!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-23 05:11:45
My Score:
great afghan and desert bud : pariculary tastefull! nice sofa with an impressive and cosy ambiance

Posted by Vic on 2003-10-17 18:03:56
My Score:
Top shop, you should see this

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-26 16:20:09
My Score:
Quiet, relaxing and always cool friendly service. Great Super Polm. Don't like the new location for the counter as I used to like to sit there. This is the original and is still great.

Posted by Charlie on 2003-08-24 05:30:25
My Score:
Well I bought some tasty weed called eldeweiser or some shit and that set me, but then I got dispossesed at french customs with jst a Quarter!!!Fucking Pigs.......LEGALIZE

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-05-31 04:05:46
My Score:

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-04-23 03:07:24
My Score:
Do not buy the thai!!! Other than that it is a nice, but small little shop close to the red light district.

Posted by kilo boy on 2003-04-11 09:50:46
My Score:
yo whats up yall my name is mike and i got busted with a pound of pot. now i have probation till im 18 im 16 now it really sux ass im in i.s.s. 'in school suspension' wishing that i could be smoking some weed. man i tell u cops are some real bitch's i mean shit go after the hard drugs not the herb. i think that all pot smokers should stand up and demand that we should be able to smoke in texas. thats where i live. well the teacher is looking over hear so im going to let yall herb smokers go back to smoken that pot. peace out and be careful not to end up like me nbot being able to smoke later 4:20 for life

Posted by 4:20 be kind to your bud' on 2003-04-11 09:41:29
My Score:
this was one of the best herd places to go. i was so blowed after I smoked that stinky, smelly, good, a.k.47 but after i got back to the place i was staying at a cop busted me for having 16 O's in the car. so be careful when u go and just smogg that bitch out peace

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-04-06 01:39:53
My Score:
best atmo & kool krew, especially coming to around midday..... a little AK will make your day.

Posted by delboy on 2003-04-03 15:43:43
My Score:
was staying in the hotel over the road went in as soon as we got there saff were cool bought some shit hot white widow had a vapouriser what a buzz after that had 2 head back 2 hotel good place well wortha visit

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-03-06 07:29:43
My Score:
.. definitly one of the best in A*dam! Enjoy it! ; )

Posted by simonfromgermany on 2003-01-29 06:46:28
My Score:
very nice shop! i enjoyed sweet tooth very much! they have beautiful glass-bongs!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-01-28 12:06:15
My Score:
Not being a cannabis smoker myself I was a bit wary about going into one of the famous amsterdam "Coffeeshops". But after being called a wuss by my husband in I went, to say I was surprised would be the understatement of the century. Everyone was so friendly and helpful and I felt really at ease. So there we sat my hubby and his cannabis and me and their fantastic cheescake. Fantastic place to go.....

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-01-26 17:44:19
My Score:
bluebeeries one of my fav's

Posted by Schlip on 2003-01-26 09:20:24
My Score:
I just recently visited glorious Amsterdam and found the Rusland was exactly what I was looking for. The bartenders at both bars inside where very knowledgable in their area of expertise- whether it be weed,hash, or one of their many teas selection. The choice of music that played was set at the perfect volume; ranging from the sweet sound of motown, to at times a very entrancing middleastern sound. Whether it's conversation you want, or to just simply roll one up and fall into the comfort of big pillows, and the comfort of being in one's own head, the Rusland will not dissapoint.

Posted by Howdooski on 2003-01-24 20:25:00
My Score:
Oh my god....did i have the munchies soo bad by the time we got here..... Gooood weed, gooood brecky......fantabumarvelous sweeeeeeeet tooth...!!

Posted by hashcraver on 2003-01-03 18:28:19
My Score:
This is the place to stop when entering the Dam for the first time or every time!!! a good ol american breakfast. And the service is a + above the rest. the best way to start your day. Next time I hope the Sweet tooth is in stock...

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-01-01 11:09:09
My Score:
a coffee shop that makes you feel welcome.even my long suffering,non smoking wife liked it here.a proper breakfast(tea,toast,sausage,bacon.egg etc)and sweet tooth#3gets the day going.very friendly table service.a good grass counter,and help with a vaporiser are all here.and the staff actually knew about the grass!!!!!! which most coffeeshop staff dont. go there.

Posted by Sameli on 2002-12-04 06:33:09
My Score:
There isn´t better way to start your day,while your visiting Ams..We got the breakfast everymorning from here..You get what you expect,plus good athmospere,service and good choise of what to smoke...I liked to loan the bong´s that they have for you!excelent.Only minus that I found was that its full pack´d...Do you self a favour,and go for it......

Posted by Jerry on 2002-08-15 16:02:24
My Score:
Superb everything...

Posted by bilbo on 2002-08-15 14:59:10
My Score:

Posted by Anonymous on 2002-06-20 08:43:43
My Score:
I arrived alone at amsterdam and the scene kinda shocked me. i didnt know where to go and the natives were trying to sell me junk. i got lost. it was a shitty welcome. i was looking for a nice coffesshop but they were all full of loud youngsters or old geezers. i finally found rosland and i was glad. the barkeep was really nice, the place was decorated beautifully, the skunk was very good and the music was excellent. im definetely coming back.

Posted by Anonymous on 2002-02-06 12:29:35
My Score:
Really good. The best milkshakes in town. Friendly staff and good music. Perfect the whole day and the whole year. 331

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