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Barney's Brasserie

Barney's has a great place next to the coffee shop. great music, good cocktails and really good food. They stay open till midnight. This is one of the few places in Amsterdam where you can have a good meal while you smoke your weed.

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Address: harlemmer straat
City: amsterdam
Added: April 30th 2003
Reviewer: Chris Williams
Hits: 7137

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Posted by Canuckgirl on 2004-06-17 15:39:31
My Score:
We saved this place for our last day as a treat for a huge yummy breakfast (cuz they are known for them) and found a crowded restaurant with a "hurry up and eat so we can fill your seats" attitude, and a disgusting breakfast. The American breakfast had two doughy undercooked pancakes (go to The Pancake Bakery - way better!), two fried/overcooked (solid yolks) eggs, undercooked bacon (think two slabs of pig). The waitress didn't even ask if it was ok - she could see it wasn't and didn't care. Went next door to coffee shop which was way better attitude and if it's different cooks may be better breakfasts; we noticed people eating there.

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-03-14 21:35:25
My Score:
I come to Amsterdam once a year (my Mecca) and everytime after landing a Schipol (7:00am) I head to Barney's to get my first taste of Amsterdam and a great breakfast. It is Barney's that puts the smile on my face and begins my relaxing vacation in my favorite city, Amsterdam. Barny's is the place!

Posted by Ashley on 2004-01-23 12:09:39
My Score:
We got to Amsterdam early in the morning, after a ruff night crossing on the ferry, we need some good eas and to try some good weed. We headed for Barney's. As we first walked in, was quite busy, went over to the counter at the back and asked to see there list of weed. The dealer was very helpful when we were choosing our smoke, showing us the crystals on the buds under the microscope on the counter. I bought some Sweet tooth and some Morning glory, both Cnnabis cup winners and both serious smoke. Was very good skunk and could feeling my head tilngling after only a few hits. As we got our weed, the lady also behind the counter help us find a table, whic was no problem as all the people in their were really friendly, they just moved about for us and let us sit down. The lady taking orders for food was very plsent and couldn't have been more helpful, asking if everything was ok as she passed back and forth. A great place to start the fay, great weed and really good breakfast, try the irish breakfast they do, keep you going all day! The music was also fantastic, it seem to follow the flow of the copffee shop, as it was busy with people coming and go just stoping by to pick up some weed, the music was quite upbeat anjd active, then as things quitened down and people were just chilling with the smoke and relaxing the music seem to follow, and progrssivly chilled out with you. If you dont come to this place while your here, your missing some of the best atmosphere you will find over here in a cofeeshop.

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-06 06:03:52
My Score:
This coffee shop was definately my favorite of the many coffee shops I visited while in Amsterdam. The waitstaff went out of their way to make sure our time spent there was more than comfortable. The only negative thing about the coffee shop was its popularity making it sometimes diffucult to find seating.

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-06-25 07:42:11
My Score:
Very nice lounge. Good music, tasty snacks. You can buy the weed in the coffee shop next door and smoke it in the Brasserie. Good fruit shakes with ice cream and all kinds of ice coffees. Open till midnight.

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-06-10 17:04:13
My Score:
Very nice people with a unique approach working at Barney's. The Bar which is located next door is a great chill out lounge with good music and good drinks.

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