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Grand Cafe Aroma

Hip, trendy and attractive with cleverly designed lighting and sound system. This cafe on the Leidsestraat was so appealing with its front window wide open on a warm Saturday night, that we couldn't resist tempting the fates and diving inside for an experience.

The sound system was pumping a delightfuly trancey dance mix, and the lovely waitresses were eager to take our order from the menu of tapas and other light dishes. A full bar with beers and wine is also offered for wetting the palate. For a drink I chose the ubiquitous "kleine" beer and a more adventurous lemonade was ordered for my pal. He ordered a pasta dish with chicken and cream sauce, and I was tempted by the calamari with red sauce.

Our drinks arrived quickly, along with the usual bread and butter, which was quite good - and fresh. While waiting for our plates we absorbed ourselves in the usual eclectic array of reading material ranging from the London Times to the UitBureau listings.

After a short wait food arrived - my friend's Fusilli Cacciatore featuring chunks of chicken with mushrooms served on a plate of pasta done to perfection. The herbs and flavouring were superb. My calamari was one of the sorriest offerings I've ever suffered through, however. To say it was inedible, swimming richly in a soupy tomato sauce, is being too kind. The calamari itself was on the verge of rotten, and the fishy aroma wafted across the room.

Upon bringing this to the attention of our waitress, she offered to take it away - and that was that. My appetite was ruined. Fortunately my friend enjoyed his meal greatly.

The bill was requested, and here is the breakdown:

Lemonade - f7.00

Kleine Bier - f4.00

Fusili Cacciatore - f17.00 (a great bargain and great dish)

Calamares in Red Sauce - f11.75 (yuck)

No reduction was offered for the inedible food.

The waitress seemed overly eager to remove my friend's plate - attempting to do so at least three times before he had finished eating. And this was a full hour before their announced closing time, and with three other tables out of a dozen still occupied.

Overall, the place is cool, but be careful ordering from the menu. It's a nice place to relax, just a couple of minutes from the insanely crowded Leidseplein, before heading off to the Melkweg or the Paradiso to dance off the calories.

More Info:

Address: Leidsestraat 96
City: Amsterdam
Postcode: 1017
Phone: 020-634-2941
Added: July 23rd 2001
Reviewer: Martin Trip
Hits: 6250

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Posted by Anonymous on 2005-04-26 16:41:40
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Posted by Anonymous on 2005-01-26 21:36:33
My Score:
One of the best pleaces in Amsterdam. Chenging menu's from French to Italyen. Good servies, interesting music (from Jazz to world, 60's e.t.r).

Posted by Maria Castellvi on 2004-08-12 14:16:56
My Score:
I worked in Aroma for 6 mouths, it was great!!! The people working there is a 10 out of a 10!!!! Kisses to all!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-07-22 13:38:16
My Score:
excellant food and priced very decently. This is my second time in amsterdam and I am going straight to aroma for dinner as its so good. Suzanne Scotland

Posted by jandjheineman on 2003-09-29 11:05:58
My Score:
Our favorite place in Amsterdam....We have made good friends that we hope to see again there...We will be back in November!

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-07-09 13:11:41
My Score:
Food Excellent, everything from light sandwiches to superb full meals. The ambiance is very laid back and the staff seemed to be enjoying their work, which comes across in the cheerfull and helpfull manner. We went on a Friday night and the music was really cool with some nice tunes dropped in, along with some classics you would'nt expect. grat value and a great night out.

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