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Gary's Muffins

Gary's Muffins has become an Amsterdam institution, serving up delectable American style goodies such as honey banana walnut muffins and guacamole and cheddar cheese on poppy seed bagel.

My recent visit to the shop on Jodenbreestraat confirmed that Gary's has gotten even better over the years. The full-sized bagels are made in the traditional New York style (which this boy from Brooklyn can really appreciate!). They're boiled, resulting in that wonderful chewy shell which makes eating one a good jaw exercise.

Following America's health trends, Gary's uses natural ingredients and certain items on the menu are organic, including their coffee and apple juice.

I ordered an onion bagel topped with cream cheese and smoked Norwegian salmon. My first bite brought me back to a summer about 30 years ago, in the Catskills, where I would pig out on bagels and lox at every opportunity. There was ample cheese and abundant lox in Gary's open-faced sandwich, and it was a faithful reproduction of the New York item.

The location on Jodenbreestraat, right next to the Waterlooplein, has lots of seating outside, in the sun or on the covered patio, in addition to indoor seating. The prices are very reasonable given the high quality. In fact I liked the bagels so much I bought 10 frozen ones for 7.50 Euros

I had one for breakfast today that was even better than the one I was served at the store! This is because I toasted it while it was still partial frozen. This is something that SHOULD be done to every bagel, otherwise you're wasting it by not experiencing it's true texture and its inner warmth! Indeed, a bagel is a thing of beauty when properly served - TOASTED! You shouldn't have to ask, either.

UPDATE: Gary's is serving onion bagels again! Yippee! I even took a load of 'em down to Spain with me (they didn't last long!) cause you just can't get Bagels here.

More Info: Locations around Amsterdam:
Princengracht 454
020 420-1452
Marnixstraat 121
020 638-0186
Reguliersdwaarstraat 53 (Gary's Late Nite)
020 420-2406
Jodenbreestraat 15
020 421-5930
Kinkerstraat 140
020 412-3025
Rotterdam Location:
Korte Hoogstraat 23
010 413-5872

City: Amsterdam
Added: July 24th 2001
Reviewer: Skip
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Posted by Gary on 2005-01-27 11:47:36
My Score:
Due to poular demand we have reinstated the onion bagel! Gary

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-03-13 04:19:50
My Score:
I do not go to Amsterdam w/o stopping here.

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-05 12:55:50
My Score:
We had a lovely time in Gary's.its an ideal place for breakfast, lunch or snack. The bagels are great and the cakes n brownies are a must have.they have a couple of branches around Amsterdam but the one in Prinsengracht is the best.

Posted by cotabato87 on 2003-05-06 00:00:56
My Score:
I came across Gary's while lost near the Waterlooplein flea market. This was in 1995 & I remember this place in my dreams. The chocolate muffins we're pretty good, along with the bagels too. If your an American looking for a taste O home amongst the snooty tooty Dutch pastry shops, give er a go!

Posted by beenthere on 2002-10-23 07:45:46
My Score:
THIS IS NOT A RESTAURANT. How could the reviewers list it as such? Are they starved? Have they been out of Amsterdam anytime in their lives? This is a cafe sort of place, like a cozy snackbar to get bagels. That's it. Nothing more or less. The bagels are tough and harder than in the US mainly due to chalk in the water. They are also Dutch sized, meaning small for your money. The tunafish stinks, replete with yucky eggy mayonnaise and disgusting sweet pickles in them.

Posted by Anonymous on 2002-06-09 06:06:41
My Score:

Posted by Anonymous on 2002-04-16 08:47:23
My Score:
Thanks for the great review! -Gary

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