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Santa Jet

Mexican food is so trendy in Amsterdam these days, it's not suprising to see a shop selling lots of Mexican and Latin American items appear on the scene.

You can't miss this colorful shop on the Princenstraat in the Jordaan. The bright fašade leads into a riot of color inside the Santa Jet. It's full of those cheap knick-knacks you see in border towns like Tijuana. Of course they're much more pricey here, but what can you expect? It's still way cheaper than a vacation to Mexico.

From plastic madonnas to striped blankets to Day of the Dead relics, it's quite an eyeful! Metal lamps, statues, and lots of religious paraphernalia compete for your attention. Just the ticket to liven up those minimalist Dutch interiors. Of course the Catholic relics might be a bit of a hard sell in Protestant Holland.

My last few trips to Mexico were to purchase such reasonably priced items as eyeglasses, Kahula and prescription drugs (forget tequila anymore!). The cheap tourist stuff isn't so tempting after you've been there more than a couple of times. The quality of goods from Mexico still needs improving, and perhaps the owners of Santa Jet will soon discover what sells and what doesn't and adjust their inventory accordingly.

I was a bit overwhelmed by the floral scent inside, but then I am allergic to flowers. I recommend a visit to this shop on some dark, cold winter day, when this might be just the ticket to a warmer, sunny place, in your mind...

More Info:

Address: Prinsenstraat 7
City: Amsterdam
Phone: 020-427-2070
Added: October 17th 2001
Hits: 6135


Posted by loz on 2008-06-25 06:50:41
My Score:
Amazing little shop jam packed with truly unique bits. Well worth going to.

Posted by ilse on 2005-12-01 19:30:10
My Score:
hey, wij als trouwe klanten vinden dat jullie een geweldige winkel hebben echt super gaaf wij komen nu onderhand al 3jaar bij jullie en elke x gaan we naar huis met volle tassen en lege portemonees haha bij deze willen wij jullie een veer in jullie gat steken ga zo door groetjes ilse en de rest van de fam

Posted by upi viteri on 2004-07-23 04:51:56
My Score:
Hi, my name is Upi and I will like to get in contact with someone from Santa Jet. I work with a group of single mothers in the state of Nayarit in Mexico and a good friend visit your shop in Amsterdam and brought a card from your shop. He thinks is a great place for our very mexican products. I will like to send some pictures of our products. They are one of a kind saints, lotery, etc. products. hope you can get in contact with me. upiviteri@prodigy.net.mx Thank you

Posted by caro ros on 2004-05-15 23:04:54
My Score:
Great shop with all lovely stuff. But a danger for your budget because when I go inthere I always buy more than I can spent

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