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I already knew that Belgian chocolates, as fine as they are, are equalled if not surpassed by Dutch chocolate. I first became addicted to Dutch chocolate when some friends from Breda took us to their favorite chocolatier which happens to be around the corner from them. Another friend told us about Puccini, right here in Amsterdam, so I finally went by to see what all the fuss was.

I was glad I did! I've never tasted such fine chocolate in my life! All the bonbons were fresh, creamy smooth, and so flavorful. While their selection isn't huge, each choice is meticulously made with the finest natural ingredients and a 70% cacao content. Many of their bonbons contain fine liquors like cognac, grand marnier or amaretto.

Discover this well-kept local secret for yourself! Puccini has two locations, and at the Staalstraat shop, you can see them make the bonbons through a window. On the Staalstraat you can also enjoy a coffee and some fabulous chocolate desserts at their cafe...

More Info: The other location is at Singel 184 Phone: 020 427 8341

Address: Staalstraat 17
City: Amsterdam
Postcode: 1011 JK
Phone: 020 626 5474
Added: November 7th 2001
Hits: 11980


Posted by Florencia on 2011-03-16 04:02:26
My Score:
I´ve been there a month ago, looks amazing and tastes really good!! I do like that shop!! and I d
o love chocolates!!

Posted by monica on 2005-10-13 00:03:06
My Score:
i went in, i smeel it and i dream about it... didnt eat.....no €€....mea culpa.....

Posted by Cheese Food Product on 2004-10-30 23:44:24
My Score:

Posted by Patrick Bateman on 2004-07-21 12:29:51
My Score:
As a chocolate lover, I know how hard it is to do without Puccini Bomboni's. Therefor I am willing to help out people how live outside of The Netherlands. If you want to mail order, just send me a mail and I will fix you up with that chocolate delight. My contact is P_bateman10@hotmail.com.

Posted by chocolade gek on 2004-04-07 09:13:09
My Score:
wat een heerlijke bonbons ik vind het jammer dat jullie niet veel meer winkels in holland hebben kom zelf uit zeist en soms nemen vrienden van ons jullie chocolade mee als ze in de buurt van amsterdam zijn geweest,echt te gekheerlijk.

Posted by Marianne Grisdale on 2004-02-16 15:56:56
My Score:
I miss those chocolates so... We bought tons of chocolate at Puccini for gifts. Very little of it made it back to the States with us. We ate it all - mostly before we even got back to the hotel. I wish I could mail order it too.

Posted by Eyal on 2003-11-24 02:17:13
My Score:
A few years ago while strolling through the streets of Amsterdam I saw through a window a woman making choclate bonbons. And me as a great lover of choclate decided to buy some to taste them. They are far abovein taste than any other choclate maker I know even Godaiva or Lindt or New hous or any other belgian choclate maker.

Posted by Tony on 2003-11-15 22:12:38
My Score:
I just came across Puccini while I was strolling the city a couple years ago. Since then I drop in to buy some of their chocolate everytime I come to Europe from Tokyo. Puccini helps KLM!

Posted by Debbie on 2003-09-04 18:06:49
My Score:
Puccini Bomboni has a website now!! Take a look. www.puccinibomboni.com

Posted by happygirl on 2003-08-09 17:29:37
My Score:
omigod, it was like channelling the spirit of that chick in the movie Chocolat! supremely delicious & decadent. weird for a Canadian though, to see all the stock out in the open - no sneeze guards!

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-04-18 12:56:33
My Score:
it's been nearly three years and i still dream of this chocolate!

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-02-25 08:02:59
My Score:
Fantastic chocolates in wonderful flavours, tamarind, tea, pepper Wow!

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-01-07 20:18:17
My Score:
Just wonderful.I cant wait until my next visit, two large boxes will be purchased!

Posted by Anonymous on 2002-11-26 23:39:45
My Score:
We've been to Puccini the past two summers and we feel it is the absolute finest chocolate in the world. We can't wait to get there again next year so we may feast on "tee" (tea) chocolates. Eu & Me Clark, Grosse Pointe, Michigan

Posted by Anonymous on 2002-08-09 16:32:39
My Score:
I Just want to know... Do they do mail order?? They are the BEST!!

Posted by Anonymous on 2002-07-17 13:11:21
My Score:
I'm impressed by the professionalism of all the staff and their friendliness. Paul is rather nice and he makes lovely chocolates.

Posted by Anonymous on 2002-07-17 13:06:06
My Score:
The chocolates are divine. I buy them each time I visit. My favourite is the Tamarind - yummmm!

Posted by Anonymous on 2002-06-11 16:18:30
My Score:
Absolutley the BEST Chocolate I have ever taste din my entire life. We MUST get it in the U.S.!!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 2002-06-10 20:44:54
My Score:
The best chocolate...and creative with flavors like tea, pepper... Presentation was beautiful.

Posted by Anonymous on 2002-05-07 10:59:56
My Score:
Quite wonderful chocolate - worth returning to Amsterdam for!

Posted by Anonymous on 2002-02-04 17:47:04
My Score:
Puccini is THE BEST chocolate you will ever taste. Try the 'Seren' (lemongrass), and Framboos (raspberry), but give the 'Thyme' a miss, unless you really really like thyme in your chocolate!

Posted by Anonymous on 2002-01-25 09:43:48
My Score:
I've never tasted better chocolate in my life. We ate a box (that was supposed to be a gift) in 2 days. Even though we were late for the airport, we had to stop and each buy a box to take home. I'm trying to figure out how to have it shipped to the US. Incredible!

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