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Chills & Thrills

Another in the string of endless smartshops in Amsterdam. If you don't know a thing about these products, be sure to ask the salespeople, they'll be happy to help! This shop is also filled with bongs and other smoking accessories.

More Info:

Address: Nieuwendijk 17
City: Amsterdam
Phone: 020-638-00-15
Added: December 16th 2001
Reviewer: Martin Trip

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Posted by on 2005-12-01 05:05:10
My Score:
Did you eat the mushroom or not?

Posted by Spirit Quest on 2004-12-10 14:19:47
My Score:
Hey I would not eat a different mold. It may get you higher it may kill you. May I suggest boiling and making a tea. This wont get ride of toxins already there. However it could reduce the chance of an alergic reaction. There ya Go Peace

Posted by Karl E 2079-e on 2003-11-10 08:35:53
My Score:
no problem mate just munch away. a little extra mould wont hurt you, quite the contrary actually.

Posted by drew on 2003-10-14 14:41:13
My Score:
I bought some shrooms a few months ago and kept them in a sealed bag in the refrigerator....Now when i am ready to eat them, they are covered in a green mold...Of course Mushrooms ARE mold, but I am concerned about it. Does anyone know anything about this? Perhaps I should make tea out of them rather than eat them?..... Please respond if you know something about it.

Posted by Karl E 2079-e on 2003-09-17 13:06:29
My Score:
im a bit f¤#ked off with chills and thrills. i bought a shroomkit there like i always do when im in amsterdam, went home and started growing. while the mycelin spread with a sickeningly promising rich green/white colour not a f¤#king shroom popped up. cost me 40 euros, that did. its a cool store, the people working there are great and theyve even got some drum and bass vinyl but this just wont stand. do Chills & Thrills have an email addy or something? if anyone knows please email it to me on ekman@trust-me.com

Posted by rolandweary on 2003-08-26 22:48:38
My Score:
A voparizer does exactly that to weed. You don't actually breath in any smoke, you are consuming the evaporation, with quite a bit of THC content. the weed never burns. quite healthy, actually.

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-06-11 11:52:51
My Score:
i have a question? What types of drugs do they sell at "smart shops" aside from shrooms? do they sell opium? and whats a vaporizer? im going there for 2 weeks this summer and i cant wait ;)

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-04-22 09:30:23
My Score:
Hey Guys, I bought one hawaiian mushroom for 10 Euros and I and two other guys have eaten it and I would say it was worth. Bought some natural left lsd mushrooms but they tasted like wood or similar and was for tea-cooking only. i took it to germany in a coke, was very kool 'cause they were like stone first but after they were 10h in there they were not like stone. The coke tasted woody and the mushroom was soaked up. The staff was very nice, too( checked my 50 euros but its ok you never wanna get a wrong one back, do you ??)) CU

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-03-25 06:09:53
My Score:
mini vaporizor for 45 euros! don't use it and you can get through u.s. customs.

Posted by Anonymous on 2002-02-04 10:50:01
My Score:
This is a nice little shop, right in the middle of one of the buisiest shopping streets,5 min from central station.. Nice and friendly staff:-)

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