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La Canna

Large place on the Nieuwendijk with bars, coffeeshop and entertainment. Pool tables galore. One of the worst coffeeshop rip-offs in Amsterdam. Shit weed, bait & switch (you don't get what you pay for), bad attitude, and you even have to pay to take a piss. They should revoke their coffeeshop license.

UPDATE: Apparently this ripoff coffeeshop is now closed.  Thank YOU!

More Info:

Address: 121 Niuewendijk
City: Amsterdam
Added: December 16th 2001
Related Link: http://www.LaCanna.nl
Hits: 17638
Language: english

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Posted by hans on 2010-10-26 13:14:52
My Score:

Posted by Fairy on 2008-07-23 16:56:13
My Score:
The worst coffeeshop in Amsterdam! Bad weed, bad service, bad music, bad food!

Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-23 16:54:48
My Score:
The worst coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Bad weed, bad food, bad service, bad music.

Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-14 05:46:28
My Score:
I agree. Dreadful place. Alot of young kids (gangs of tourists passing through all the time).
No relaxing at all, and the bartenders almost had sex with each others with clothes on. took me half and houre to get a cup of coffe. They only cheat ppl for money. No good.

Posted by jackie treehorn on 2006-08-10 10:03:20
My Score:

Posted by j on 2006-06-30 06:02:28
My Score:
Its not that its a ripoff, they just treat it too much like a business. The bouncer guy was a definite asshole. I couldn't figure out where the green menu was and he would not help at all. Sounds funny, but I literally walked around the place numerous times thinking that the green bar was a music booth. (Sidenote: its upstairs in the back, third floor, press the light button for the menu, very impersonal.) There were limits on how little weed may be bought, which was annoying, but it was my first stop while in Amsterdam and had to purchase something after having travelled hardcore for the whole day, baggage and all. Green is green and though you could definitely find a better place, if you're in the district and are right in front of this place, its better to enjoy it than to pass it up. Lower your standards a bit, hah.

Posted by j on 2006-06-30 06:02:28
My Score:
Its not that its a ripoff, they just treat it too much like a business. The bouncer guy was a definite asshole. I couldn't figure out where the green menu was and he would not help at all. Sounds funny, but I literally walked around the place numerous times thinking that the green bar was a music booth. (Sidenote: its upstairs in the back, third floor, press the light button for the menu, very impersonal.) There were limits on how little weed may be bought, which was annoying, but it was my first stop while in Amsterdam and had to purchase something after having travelled hardcore for the whole day, baggage and all. Green is green and though you could definitely find a better place, if you're in the district and are right in front of this place, its better to enjoy it than to pass it up. Lower your standards a bit, hah.

Posted by CoolFool on 2006-04-12 10:29:12
My Score:
rip off bastards.as i was standing at bar a bouncer pulled a guy down three flights of stairs by his feet.his head was bouncing off each step.he hadnt bought a drink????? WHO THE FUCK DO THEY THINK THEY ARE....

Posted by KingM on 2006-04-05 13:43:21
My Score:
Pretty rubbish really. Wouldn't waste my time going here. CRIMINALS!!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 2006-02-28 13:42:44
My Score:
9th time in amsterdam, been la canna every time, fcuking loved it!! weed aint the best but it's pretty tasty, food was good for a coffee shop and the barmaids were bang on, specially little brenda, she made my birthday with a special little cream bday cake and her and her mate giving me a little bday kiss. what more could a bloke ask for on his bday!!! death to the infadels!!!

Posted by Jus10 on 2006-01-01 21:27:37
My Score:
It's an even worse hotel. I only stayed because everything else was booked. The plumbing didn't work and the bathroom smelled like shit. Weed sucked, everything was over priced. I did like that they had pool tables. Also, the space cakes I got there didn't even work.

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-10-04 20:33:27
My Score:
shit food, shit hole and shitter attitudes,cracking fart brackets on the waitresses though!! too commercial and intimidating, tunes ok

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-09-13 16:41:17
My Score:
la canna was absoloutley outrageous,the prices where sky high and the service was crap 2 Doc,Edinburgh P.S. The toilets where a fuckin joke

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-09-10 21:17:54
My Score:
it s orrible all

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-08-22 22:08:14
My Score:
wat a crap coffeeshop. very shady and boring rubbish music very expensive. worst thing minimum buy 20 euro wat a load of shit

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-08-15 18:47:06
My Score:
this shop is shit, too expensive, really really SHIT music , with fake redbulls, avoid!

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-08-03 02:23:29
My Score:
Rubbish commercial rip off. Crap weed only available in large deals. The only coffee shop Ive ever walked out of feeling cheated. AVOID

Posted by zuffler on 2005-07-31 15:24:24
My Score:
need more comfortable seating

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-07-18 00:36:09
My Score:
Been on two different occasions, once as a first timer (To Dam, not herb) . First trip: Came here with my girlfriend for the day. We had a great time. Downstairs was great and run by a happy dutch lad, who was pretty helpful. We bought a pre-rolled spliff or two and happily toked along downstairs. Second trip: Came here with two of my male friends. Downstairs was as usual. Upstairs, the staff are unfriendly, pressurising and generally wanna-be gangster like. One of my more paranoid friends couldn't stand it so we left. Overview: Pros: Great downstairs atmosphere and fairly cheap pool tables. Thumbs up to the blonde, young dutch lad. Pre-rolled spliffs for those who have come on a day trip. Cons: Rip off prices. A pint was 5 EUROs. The staff in the weed-shop are absolute bell ends. Wanna-be gangster attitude. You PAY to use the toilet, which is shite.

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-07-11 18:35:15
My Score:
good place to sit on 2nd floor, nice sofas, fit bar ladies, but terrible value!!

Posted by grizzly on 2005-05-10 23:19:41
My Score:
perfect place to smoke some & play pool

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-04-29 01:02:22
My Score:
not bad jack herrer nice crystals , music bit loud at night and a few loud idot american tourists thinking they know more about weed than me

Posted by stro b on 2005-04-06 14:51:27
My Score:
its the sickist place ever 3 floors biggist cafe in the the dam ,have it!

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-02-02 17:25:25
My Score:
20 euros minimum buy pissed me off, as i went there on my last day to buy the cali mist which was unavailable the previous day. Other sativas pleasent but to be honest smoked better for cheaper in england.

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-01-31 01:26:28
My Score:
carrying those heavy trays of beer up and down all those staircases makes for the fittest waitresses in town

Posted by Dave on 2005-01-27 11:40:50
My Score:
I went to this place on my third day in amsterdam, i have to say that it was only the bright colours that enticed me into it, once i got in there i was pissed off to find out that they dont serve food anymore, even though the menu clearly said it did. then i was once again pissed off that i had to spend a minimum of 20 euros, which meant i had to buy 2 bags of mediocre weed where as i'd have settled for one. And paying to take a piss, what the fuck is that about?? And no, the space cake isnt better than anywhere else, my 10 yr old bro could've eaten that without it having any effect, oh and the barmiad was one fucking moody bitch

Posted by Roger on 2005-01-23 20:53:55
My Score:
There's an original coffeshop. Different than the others. You can smoke, drink a beer and play pool at the same time. I liked it maybe because i'm from Spain and we have lots of pub's and bars whrere you can play games and drink but............you can't smoke........There's a floor with larges sofas where you can smoke while you're looking at the street, and you can sleep The famous "siesta" in Spain. Imagine the spanish feelings in that sofa while you're smoking a joint............It was really special do "pajarismo" (feelings you have when you're stoned in spanish) in that sofa in "La Canna" coffeshop

Posted by Ali G on 2005-01-06 13:35:37
My Score:
Have been going to this place since the late 90's and although it has changed somewhat it is still the best all round coffee shop in the Dam. Cool music by day, pool tables, great weed, not so chilled by night...but that gives you the drive to head back into the RLD to find a more mellow smoke before everywhere closes.

Posted by ATLballers on 2004-11-28 03:30:35
My Score:
Had to pay for everything... even the toliet. They make you buy in amounts of 20 euros and buy a round of drinks to stay long enought to smoke.

Posted by Lynn and Moke on 2004-11-04 17:40:06
My Score:
sit upstairs at the window and watch all the people go past in the street, and they don't know you can see them...check out how many people take things out of the bin on the corner. smoke good, but not cheap.

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-09-28 19:56:09
My Score:
not good place

Posted by Matt Jordan on 2004-07-07 15:58:56
My Score:
So disappointing, this place gets worse every time. The minimum purchase, toilet charge and bad-attitude staff (mostly weekends and evenings) are turning this place into a rip-off joint that doesn't sit well alongside the self-evident effort being made by the majority of coffeeshop owners / proprietors across Amsterdam.

Posted by London Lovely on 2004-05-19 16:17:42
My Score:
Just got back May 04 La Canna was visited by us on more than one occasion friendly waitress service good weed great upstairs to people watch.

Posted by mg420 on 2004-04-23 05:36:34
My Score:
We came to this shop every morning to smoke a breakfast blunt. I thought it was really cool because if you get a window seat then you can just smoke and watch people go by. Good smoke, and it wasn't too crowded.

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-04-18 20:36:04
My Score:
la canna is very big - and that makes it a bit uncomfortable. there's not much of familiar atmosphere. anyway, the jungle-styling of the rooms is nice.

Posted by DJ INF on 2004-04-06 04:59:07
My Score:
jeah jeah this is ONYX dj u no, me and my crew was there last yr. we did a show at the milkyway and thanks to la canna myself,fredro and sticky dont remember shit! Goodlookin we wiL be bac bet on dat! ONE LOVE da madface invasion AFFICIAL NaST. wha wha

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-03-15 19:31:45
My Score:
Got some white tiger here, this grass is not to be missed, lots of pool tables & seats upstairs...... Freindly table waiting staff,,, check it out Arch

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-03-11 19:19:43
My Score:
Awful place! Only thing going for it is the cool view of the street from upstairs.

Posted by -------Schroina------- on 2004-02-26 21:05:07
My Score:
Really the badest Shop i have been. The ambiance is nothing for people who want to chill. Very loud music. The toilet cost 50 cent each use and you have to buy weed starts 20€ under 20€ you cant buy some. Forget it...

Posted by JayMarks on 2004-02-19 16:43:00
My Score:
DO NOT GO HERE They are rude. You cannot smoke unless you purchase thier weed/hash. Spread out over 3 floors and what a waste of space.

Posted by little rock AR on 2004-02-05 23:30:35
My Score:
the place was absolutely awesome, friendly people, beautiful buds, nice pieces, great view from the top. good for sleeping off a knock-down pass-out high as well

Posted by C-130 jk on 2004-02-05 03:15:54
My Score:
An amazing place with a thrilling top floor nook of a room that I (we) highly recommend. The "host" of the place was an absolute riot, a scatterbrained yet diligent workhorse of a stoner who helped us get a matress up some flights of treacherous stairs... I think. Meet a stranger, go in on a room, and bond with your weed at La Canna.

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-29 11:50:45
My Score:
This place is a real tourist trap run by gangsters. It's okay to sit in, for first time smokers, as everything is really accessible. However the place just feels like a dump, and you feel like you are being watched, to see if you are dumb enough to leave any of your valuables behind. Service was poor.

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-26 21:19:52
My Score:
visited amsterdam in february 02 and this place by far had the best smoke , cali mist for the greens and the best part was the hash, but unfortunetly can't remember the name . went there every day on our 6 day trip, definetly hit this place up

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-21 17:50:15
My Score:
minimum purchase required here which i !!dont!! like toilets are dirty and the food was rubbish as well so please avoid!!!

Posted by bzamora on 2003-11-12 07:02:32
My Score:
expensive, very slow service, but a wicked place to hang out. good location, staff were friendly as well

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-31 05:17:03
My Score:
I was shocked at such a establishment.I was charged5 euros a beer and had to pay for a pee. Very Unfriendly staff who dont make you feel comfortable at all.I had the feeling I was being ripped and will never ever ever recomend this place as long as I live. Total rip off artists who have forgotten the concept of global travel and humanity/saaaaaaaaaaad

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-14 08:22:52
My Score:
i didnt feel remotely comfortable in this place. i had good reason to feel paranoid!! ;P a lot of wannabe gangsters were floating about outside. it feels like a fight is gonna break out any second. stay clear. stick with smokeys just across the road from central station. is it just me or is all the staff really camp. either that or its the good shit they sell having an effect on my mind peace

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-02 16:39:08
My Score:
Big burly bouncers in the door way down stairs are a bunch of knobs.

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-17 02:51:14
My Score:
avoid this place! bunch of cocky angry black haired israelis running this place. wannabe dicks. as far as smoke goes........hey..i trust the street dealers in nyc more than these pigs. bad vibes from staff. tourist trap!!!!!!! beware!!

Posted by JACKIE TREEHORN on 2003-09-15 05:45:14
My Score:
shit weed-perfect for the loud mouth yanks who seem to multiply on every visit to the dam...

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-12 10:37:50
My Score:
its good

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-08-19 08:57:50
My Score:
2.50 euro for a beer? And after you have to pay for going to the toilet to....... Clearly they depend on people that dont stay, so they can rip them off............

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-08-19 08:27:28
My Score:

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-08-14 10:12:20
My Score:
what a dump! staff really unfriendly and weird!

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-07-23 05:33:24
My Score:
attitude problemo

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-07-23 05:29:22
My Score:
over priced- bad attitude - lazy - badly managed - would never spend any money in there again. In fact buy your smoke somewhere else, pick up a drink from a local shop and go up to the third floor and make use of facilities like pool table etc without spending any money with these ingrates

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-06-13 07:22:09
My Score:

Posted by Plhox on 2003-05-09 13:26:12
My Score:
Areally nice place, expensive for the experience, the attendence was quite good, the grass really high!!!, I went to the second floor with my sister and we sit next to the window and from there we could watch all thing in the street, really cool!!! a very big place and no problems to get in there. next time i´ll go to Amsterdam i´ll definatly go to this coffeshop to get Jack Herer and White widow whixh is the best they have !!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Posted by AmsterDan on 2003-04-07 19:31:28
My Score:
We waited for service for over 10 minutes, which wouldn't be a big deal except there was only 2 other "locals" there. Staff has major attitude, and kind of shady looking. Hope the motorcycle out front falls or gets tipped real soon.enough said.

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-04-03 14:28:44
My Score:

Posted by syndrome on 2003-03-14 09:09:24
My Score:
absolute fucking shithole. i wouldnt recommend anyone to go here ,this is solely a place to rip off tourist smokers

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-02-21 13:30:26
My Score:

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-02-10 16:37:47
My Score:
fottutissima fetusa merda! cambiate la moto!aerografata malissimo, minchia! w palermo e catania in c2!!!!!

Posted by Sir tokes alot on 2003-02-07 14:23:07
My Score:
this was the first place I went and I had the happiest moment of my life sitting in the window on the 2nd floor, smoking a jont laced with the finest hash available, and waving to the police as the walked up the street looking for "real" criminals.

Posted by on 2003-01-29 07:59:21
My Score:
i was there, but i really didnt want to stay!! i hated this shop and i didnt even find a dealer?!!

Posted by lee on 2003-01-27 18:07:04
My Score:
worst place inthe dam,shit service & atmosphere and the weed wasnt very clever at all

Posted by Anonymous on 2002-11-29 10:29:05
My Score:
loved it here!!!!try the space cakes!!!apparently the omelettes are really good too!!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 2002-11-17 09:41:31
My Score:
coffee shop and accessories for sale were ok. Nothing special to be honest. I would NOT recommend the hotel at La Canna - Ive stayed in better gutters and it's expensive too. The staff are rude and they take your passport on arrival leaving it on view in reception unguarded for anyone to take. The only thing these rooms are good for is vomiting in (which may be just what youre looking for).

Posted by Angellore on 2002-10-08 21:27:26
My Score:
I actually really like this coffeeshop, despite its vastness, which usually tends to put me off. And, if you like your eats then its worth going to for the hash chocolate muffins alone...the best hash cakes in 'Dam. Lovely smoke, we sat there for about 3 hours totally stoned and playing an extremely confusing, but surprisingly entertaining, game of chess. Only downfall is that the service is slow and you really have to try hard to get the waitresses attention, not good when youre mouth has sried up and you're desperate for a cassis! However, tip the waitress well the first time and she'll keep coming back.

Posted by Anonymous on 2002-09-21 06:08:20
My Score:
Service was quite slow and we didn't like paying for the toilets! Other than that, a fairly pleasant experience and a nice atmosphere.

Posted by sandy on 2002-09-10 17:40:56
My Score:
nice but way to expensive!

Posted by Anonymous on 2002-09-09 11:37:21
My Score:

Posted by Anonymous on 2002-08-13 08:10:12
My Score:

Posted by Anonymous on 2002-05-09 03:45:52
My Score:
I was over with a group of lads on a stag weekend. La canna is a cool place for having a beer, blazing up and chillin out. The pool tables came in useful for winning a few euros. 10 of us spent about 2 1/2 hours in there. If there is a big group of you, this place can accomodate loads of people on both floors. Unlike some other coffee shops where 10 people going in packs the place. All in all decent place, nice beer, with good weed.

Posted by Anonymous on 2002-03-11 17:35:36
My Score:
I am writing this from a womans point of view. La Cana may have a great image but if you are a couple of girls looking for somewhere to chill, this is NOT the place. Lots of weird guys, the loos are crap even though you have to pay, and there were bloody kittens EVERYWHERE!! On the pool tables, by the pool tables, outside the loos, in the loos!! By all means check it out - in the day - stay downstairs and have a drink and watch the world go by for 1/2hr or so, then, MOVE ON.......

Posted by Anonymous on 2002-02-06 12:15:48
My Score:
Good to have a beer before hanging out. Too huge and noisy. Lots of people. Smart shop with friendly staff. 331

Posted by Anonymous on 2002-01-16 10:58:23
My Score:
Really smart moterbike outside decorated the same as the in and out side of la canna.hotel as well as a bar,pool room and coffee house situated upstairs. run by english people.a happy and friendly atmosphere commented on by sandie wilkie

Posted by Anonymous on 2001-12-20 16:22:32
My Score:
Great place to have a couple pints and hang out. Weed is pretty good (I liked the Kalimist) and the scenery is even better. Some of the most beautful bar maidens I saw during my trip.

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