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American Book Center

Great store on the Kalverstraat near the Spui. Extensive collection of English language materials on several floors. Helpful staff will guide you through the eclectic collection. Lots of fun, ex-pats can always find something to read.

The Treehouse is their venue around the corner on the Voetboogstraat, which has open mike nights and a gallery with showings of art.

More Info:

Address: 185 Kalverstraat
City: Amsterdam
Postcode: 1012 XC
Phone: 020-535-25-73
Added: January 20th 2002
Reviewer: Martin Trip

Hits: 4809


Posted by Ierske on 2008-04-14 05:10:25
My Score:
Hi, just wanted to let everybody know that the bookshop has moved at the end of 2006. They are now located on the Spui in a beautiful white building. It has changed though; it used to be a very messy looking store where you could treasure hunt for great books, but the new store is more clean-cut. Staff is still adorable, though.

Posted by Otradom PeloGo on 2006-05-06 20:09:33
My Score:
While visting the American Book Center, which I truly enjoyed, I suddenly realized that Holland has become one of my favorite stops when traveling to and from the US to the Middle East; and I usually stop, get a hotel, and take off into the streets of Amsterdam. My first stop will be a pub for either breakfast, and the extreme, having a late supper just before closing hours, to try and stay up and enjoy as much of the night as possible, therefore you can see why I return from vacationing more exhausted than when I left, sometimes taking off, well it wouldn’t be the truth if I said sunrise, for I don’t set the alarm, and usually roll out of bed when it gets too bright from an already risen and clattering Apollo, and the sounds that the maid makes, letting me know, that it’s better to enjoy it while walking around until I can get the cobwebs out, rather than in, although pleasant, hotel room. A late supper, my usual hot drink and a stroll through the streets of Amsterdam, like the streets of New York, Boston, Seattle or San Francisco; merging in with probably the biggest of the crowds and just going with the flow; a piece of pastry here, a small souvenir there, and the adventure continues. And always try sitting and enjoying people enjoying what the city of Amsterdam and life has to offer; enjoying the smiles of the pretty faces passing by. And it was there that I met a young lady from Brazil; who was either visiting or stayed there, when she, though I was truly noticing how pretty she was, stopped and invited me to sit along side of her, while I waited to get a bite to eat. And like the saying goes, that opposites attract; myself being as reserved as the average person if not more so, and she being what I would call sensuously cordial, for her invitation brought with it an incredibly beautiful smile, haloed with an even sweeter ambiance, upon delicious Brazilian caramel, and one of the warmest welcomes that I have gotten from anywhere I have been, probably in my life. And though it was only a short while that we sat there waiting on our order, I embarrassingly say that I spent practically the time we shared, admiring how beautiful she was. Added to that, before leaving she gave me an incredible and sensuous hug and a kiss that I was certain that I would never forget.

Posted by Otradom PeloGo on 2006-01-16 13:09:33
My Score:
Hi, I was recently in Amsterdam and had the opportunity to visit the American Book Center and would recomend it and dfinitely return.

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