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Al's Plaice

If you're craving some fish and chips, look no further than Al's shop. Featuring a variety of fish including the usual cod (kabeljauw), salmon (recommended!), halibut or whatever is available that day. The fish, cut in huge pieces, is usually done to perfection. The coating is crispy if a little greasy, which only adds to the authenticity. The chips are likewise good.

A fish and chips plate is certainly a filling meal. A selection of pies, including the ubiquitous steak and kidney are available too.

The interior is your typical fast food joint, with stools and tables, often littered with English and Dutch newspapers for your reading pleasure. No swank, just good fish. Enjoy!

More Info:

Address: Nieuwendijk 10
City: Amsterdam
Postcode: 1012 MK
Phone: 020 427-4192
Added: May 27th 2002
Hits: 6672


Posted by Dave Sherriff on 2005-01-27 11:24:43
My Score:
Wandering back from the Dam sqare in a bit of a daze, my trusty fish 'n' chips detector went off! I spun around to lock onto that familiar whiff and found myself heading down Nieuwendijk until I came across this oasis in a desert of FEBO's! A great place for Brits (and all other nationalities!) to get a taste of home. Prices were reasonable and the food was excellent. If you're a little wary of eating "foreign" food, you can't go far wrong here. You can either do the traditional takeaway thing, or just sit and eat in - either way, it's good stuff and a very welcome break from the more unpronounceable and unpalatable offerings festering away in display cabinets all day long.

Posted by Woody on 2005-01-19 20:16:02
My Score:
Hi Al, Had yet another meal at your plaice this evening, excellent nosh as usual! 'Came out of your establishment feeling like a big fat bloated barstard due to the portions you serve!'Was in London a couple of weeks ago and had fish & chips - but not as nice as at your plaice! Enjoy yourself in Aruba, Cheers mate, Woody

Posted by Debbie on 2004-12-24 18:22:58
My Score:
We travel into Amsterdam regular to get some fish & chips. Best place in town. All their food is perfect, never had a complaint. The kids love it too.

Posted by Mark Tointon on 2004-06-13 10:19:58
My Score:
Great Place : I travel from Bussum(25 km away) to bring home super fish & chips. Thank god Als place is here,at last we have a real english chip shop,i have tried everthing from mushy peas to battered sausage and no complaints - Best "PLACE" in Holland ! See you soon Mark.

Posted by thomas on 2003-07-30 17:06:30
My Score:
Finallly, a decent if not excellent real Fish & Chip shop located in Amsterdam's Nieuwdijk. The portions are more than generous the chips authentic like any respectable fish & chip shop in the Brithish Isles and the the fish really hits the spot ... advisable whether you're a regular or a first timer ... nice one!

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