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I tried to visit the Rokerij during the 2002 Cannabis Cup, and found it next to impossible to find a seat. This place is very popular, thanks to the dj spinning cool tunes, really good smoke and a nice large room in the back to chill and be seen by the hip set.

The crowd during the cup seemed to be an interesting blend of Americans, other foreigners and Dutch locals. If I could've found a seat perhaps I could tell you more. I even returned the day after the cup ended, and still found no place to sit and would've waited, but the thick cigarette smoke drove me out.

There are two other Rokerijs open now. One across from Central Station, the other at Amstel 8. All have nice interiors.

Maybe when you check it out, it won't be so crowded. Let us know what you think by adding your comments below.

More Info:

Address: Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 41
City: Amsterdam
Added: November 30th 2002

Hits: 19413

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Posted by CosmicGirl on 2008-05-09 08:18:07
My Score:
I used to love this place but after the last two times I went there I just can´t stand it. There is a guy in the staff with long dirty hair who is an asshole!!! He just scares the customers away. He treated me and everyone in the line like dirt! I can not understand how it´s possible that a nice place like that has staff like him. I will never go back there! And that´s what I´m telling everyone I talk to about this place with too.
From 10 to 0 points. All because of him. Don´t go there! There is a lot of other places to go and spend your money. Peace and Love! /Cosmo

Posted by karapat on 2006-04-17 22:56:48
My Score:
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The Rokery. We spent 2 nights in a row at the Leidsplain location. Good smoke, great service - on a Friday AND Saturday night, at that! Claudia, our server, is the coolest chick ever; she's super cute - so cute, I would have let my husband go a round with her. (He'd love to have her, too!) LOVED IT! Can't wait to go back.

Posted by Greego on 2006-02-02 04:46:36
My Score:
Too crowded. for all the talk the selection was so-so. We were treated great, and had a beer and a bowl, but it was chaos on a friday night. Bouncer treated my woman and I well cleared a seat, hasseled loser kid with baseball cap on, but not comfortable. Dark clubby, not Cofffee shop style.

Posted by Anonymous on 2006-01-06 11:29:09
My Score:

Posted by Jus10 on 2006-01-01 21:33:38
My Score:
My favorite coffee shop. The other reviews say it all. I was having a bad mushroom experience and I wanted to go to my hostel, but my friend convinced me to come to the Rokerij instead. Great choice. I ate an apple, smoked a couple of j's and got my headstraight. Next thing I knew I was having an excellent conversation this awesome Norwegian girl. Also, I think the pricing of the weed was sperb.

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-11-16 23:15:03
My Score:
very good coffee shop !

Posted by Portugal on 2005-10-18 20:42:36
My Score:
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cool but a little 'dark' during the day and too touristic!! the doorman always with a bad face asking ID for people in their 30's it's not good and makes one not welcome! the service is not very nice due to the number of people inside. The (re)decoration and the music it's the best! Cesária Evora and some Gotan Project ! The djing at night it's cool :) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Posted by Cymru9 on 2005-10-13 20:05:44
My Score:
I always found this place very nice. Service was a little slow but more than made up for that with bar staff girls being very nice looking! It can get crowded at times due to its poularity, staff very friendly and had pre rolled aswell which i always found to do the buisness! Will be visiting again in November!

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-10-06 01:12:38
My Score:
The best

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-09-16 06:44:56
My Score:
Ahhh the Rokeriij. As soon as I saw the Rokeriij on leidesplein I knew I had to go there. I walked in and got a bag of the super silver haze, but when I was walking in the guy tried to make me take my hat off. He wouldn't let me keep it, saying that it was like a church, so eventually I caved, and I was very happy I did once I got inside. The waitresses were totally bangin' and the weed was pretty good. The service was not that friendly but it was a good ambiance, and I had a fun time smoking there.

Posted by keith on 2005-09-15 16:15:28
My Score:
dunno if someone's mentioned it but the best part about the rokery for me are the slow turning fans in the back room... turning at the slowest of speeds.. excellent must for the easily amused tourist

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-08-20 16:10:24
My Score:
My personal favorite place in Amsterdam. The interior is funky w/wood carvings on the wall. They play e-music and the lights change w/the beat. If you are smoking, it really messes you up. Tried the Mor. Hash with some skunk I bought earlier. It was a great, trippy experience. It is my favorite place to go and my first stop I will make when I go there again next year!

Posted by JayBee on 2005-07-13 15:14:42
My Score:
it's woth the visit 'cause of the very well done decor in- and outside (u'll always sit dry!!!). good e-music, all kind of tstyles... very nice stuff, prices ok.

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-06-09 12:59:22
My Score:
chilled out grooves from cool dj's definatley worth a visit.

Posted by grizzly on 2005-05-10 23:12:06
My Score:
saw,went,bought & smoked............... ..., i remember because i took a picture :)

Posted by faz on 2005-05-09 23:10:17
My Score:
ok here goes, i saw it, i went in, i got stoned, i cant remember nothin so i gave it eight as if it was bad i would remember. nice sign lol

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-04-12 06:57:36
My Score:
Everything about the place near Leidseplein is great except for the smoke which was average.

Posted by shanna on 2005-04-06 05:57:34
My Score:
when i first seen this place i was very excited. it had an eastern look to it. velvet pillows were everywhere...well we buy our weed and an assortment of beverages and take a seat. meanwhile the guy that we just bought $40 worth of goods from comes all the way across the room to us because my boyfriend had a bottle of water under his chair that he wasn't even drinking because he had just bought a juice. he wasnt even touching it and the guy was harrassing us. he told my boyfriend to either throw it away or leave. we left. i get that they dont want carry ins bought we bought drinks and bud what more does this place want? my advice : stay away!

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-02-15 19:43:25
My Score:
Just the best place in town, great weed, which you can but 1 grams (great for a short visit), the best tunes and the sexiest bar maids, and i've just found out there are three others, one on the Singel and one near Rembrandt Plein, not sure about the 4th one but it's there somewhere....can't wait to try them all. HAPPY SMOKIN'

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-01-29 01:15:13
My Score:
We went to the one up at the leisplein good chilled atmosphere. Sells beer and got a pool table. If you want a tune putting on just go up to the bar tender and if he's got it on file he'll whack it on. Saves putting money in a jukebox.

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-01-28 16:47:05
My Score:
Pretty sweet place but the staff could do with a bit of a personality injection. Found them stuck up their own holes!

Posted by KWD on 2005-01-25 15:36:50
My Score:

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-01-24 14:29:45
My Score:
Went to the rokerij with great espectations after reading up on the coffeeshop scene before i left for amsterdam, but I was realy disappointed. Their Jack Herer was good but the "chairs" were terrible and the sorroundings far to stressfull. The nice norwegian woman serving coffee was a pluss though(I beeing from norway as well) she gave me some nice tips on how to get cheaper plain tickets for my next trip :)

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-01-01 21:34:55
My Score:
Marc + Chris We went to the rokery i think the Hash was was quality i was completely wrecked off a joint of white widow and the staff said it was policy to buy a drink when smoking weed in their shop and i thought that was boolacks but apart from that it was cool !!!

Posted by bobyone on 2004-12-28 23:48:38
My Score:
the best coffee in dam

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-12-02 04:29:08
My Score:
Great atmosphere. We went to the one in the Leidesplein and it wasn't too crowded. Awesome DJ and we didn't find the staff to be rude at all. We went back and forth between the Alto Jazz club and Rokerij all night.

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-11-10 11:34:48
My Score:
Cool relaxing atmosphere, friendly staff, great music and pleasant time was had by all

Posted by Miss Yellow on 2004-10-04 00:39:58
My Score:
Hot half-naked women worked here, at least during our trip for CC 2001

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-07-20 03:36:23
My Score:
we found this place to be very cool, it was pretty close to our place and was the first coffeeshop we visited. the people that were in the shop were very helpful and liked to share info.highly recommended

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-06-10 15:18:17
My Score:
Been going to the DAM for years and this is still one of my best. A++++++++++++++++++

Posted by Munchyz on 2004-06-07 18:33:19
My Score:
I love this place and it was even better cause the Kottonmouth kings filmed there music video here "Fisrt Class", this place is a relaxing place and its so chills.

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-05-25 21:46:12
My Score:
Awesome atmosphere. Great little get-a-way in the heart a really busy area. Plus they sell beer so there's something for everyone.

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-04-29 00:53:21
My Score:
could be this best if only the staff were bothered

Posted by NiNi on 2004-03-20 22:51:15
My Score:
On a trip in November, found the dealer to be indifferent yet knowledgeable. It was good to be able to sit at the bar roll one and have a beer. Will return next month.

Posted by dave on 2004-03-14 21:42:40
My Score:
The Rokerij is my favorite Coffee shop in Amsterdam (Leidsplein location) however the staff is rather indifferent and some times doesn't even realize you are there. I have come in sat down and the bar and not been served for 15mins and this is not when it is crowded. I lived in Leidsplein for 6 months and Rokerij was my place however the staff didn't make me feel that way save a doorman and a dealer who were the only ones helpful to me. Having said all of that I will still go there and hope that the services gets better. They do get my vote for "best looking staff"

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-02-23 12:54:10
My Score:
well chilled out place to have a smoke good tunes good vibe

Posted by Heilbronnery on 2004-02-21 16:21:16
My Score:
Hi(gh) people! Rokery is the best cofeeshop i`ve ever seen in a`dam. Best wishes and bye Heilbronnery

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-02-06 14:33:45
My Score:

Posted by Sammy Stoner on 2004-02-05 04:36:53
My Score:
Best selection of Morroccan resins in Amsterdam. Hard to get a seat but that just shows how popular this place is... Always smells off fine fragenced jossticks that kinda blend into your smoke which can trick your fragile stoned mind into believing your somewhere far, far away...! Please email me if you know any good sources of isolator resin or nederhash or to comment; samsmith@samsmith.plus.com

Posted by Mark on 2004-01-23 12:07:51
My Score:
I visited Rokerij in Leidseplein a few weeks ago and ended up coming back nearly every night. I found the bartenders/waitresses to be very down-to-earth and friendly. On top of that, they're easy to look at and they really seemed to be enjoying themselves, except when the one patron (who obviously wasn't used to quality weed) vommited. The patrons seemed to be very cool, relaxed and projected a positive vibe. I loved the relaxed atmosphere and ambiance, whether I was sitting on a couch or barstool. Although I'm not much of a fan of techno, trance, DJ's, etc., I found the DJ's choice of music nearly perfect for the situation. As one of the few coffeeshops that are allowed to serve alcohol, I wish that they would improve upon their beer selection. The Heineken was decent, but a few belgian beers on tap would make this place perfect.

Posted by QUEVATO on 2004-01-21 18:23:07
My Score:

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-20 21:33:20
My Score:
spent alot of our time in here.cool seats and a nice little annex out front to watch life pass by

Posted by bigsod on 2004-01-15 20:36:14
My Score:
This place was good, the weed was excellent and they serve alchohol! I was there in August 2001 with a couple of friends from Australia. We all like a good smoke so we bought a few pre rolled and had a few beers. The atmosphere was great but the staff were complete assholes. I am going back to Amsterdam in a couple of weeks so will give this place another try, hope the staff have all had personality transplants though!!!

Posted by Dirty Rob on 2004-01-15 01:30:02
My Score:
First off, the herb had me on my ass. Tried to order something, mumbled horribly, got a coke back, so who knows if the service was good or not. More importantly, who cares? Good place to pop into, nice location, cool decor, chairs seem unable to support human weight but do quite a nice job of that. And my fellow Americans, Amsterdam has no more or less attitude than major US cities. If you are from a small town in the Midwest, you might be surprised at how aloof the natives are. If you want friends, buy a dog, if you want to get high and wander the streets, this shop can't be beat for convenience and quality ganja.

Posted by Corry on 2004-01-05 03:34:36
My Score:
The Wonderfoul

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-01 10:31:44
My Score:
Last time I was there for the cup in 2002, and it was that one and the noon that were my favorites. It was very crowded though. There was this brown haired waitress that was the most beautiful I had ever seen! Friendly staff as well, I have no idea what these other people were talking about.

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-28 17:06:55
My Score:
the insense at the amstel branch is nasty. you smell it up the street before you arrive, really overpowering shit. when you smoke there all you can taste is f~cking insense not run by smoke lovers who enjoy the smell and taste of weed which is pricey. not comfy at all any of them. nice fresh oj

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-15 14:59:43
My Score:
The Rokerij II near the station ended up being one of my favorites. The interior is artsy Morrocan with candles, low tables and cushions on the floor. Their weed is expensive but very good quality. They have blueberry and bubblegum as well as some other very nice, rare flavors. It was the stickiest stuff I ever touched. They have a nice size room in the front that has windows all the way around. It is really nice to watch and smoke from there.

Posted by alee@vodafone.ie on 2003-11-14 06:45:33
My Score:
I loved the slow moving fans. WOW. And that anonymous dickhead who was with his girlfriend DESERVED bad treatment!! I mean, he obviously needed help buying the weed and just obnoxiously refused! You fool! I'll bet he's american too. Wanker. It's probably best that he didn't stay and spoil the whole buzz. They probably would've had to lock up for a few weeks if his depression lingered for any longer. "whatever, dude" Fuck off. DeRokerij is COOL! Who was that Irish girl working there in summer time? She makes great tea.

Posted by QUEVATO@AOL.COM on 2003-10-23 15:07:38
My Score:

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-19 09:14:51
My Score:
best girls in town....

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-21 09:37:05
My Score:
I just got back from Amsterdam, The Rokerij being my first stopped. It was excellent. The staff was super friendly and the Smoke was the best Ever! I bought 1.17 gram of the Charas (black hash) for 20 euros and 1 gram of the Stardust Weed that was the best pot I ever had. I highly recommend this Place!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-19 03:16:38
My Score:
very good hash and service, try the black cream

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-17 22:52:29
My Score:
i liked it. dealers are cool and all there weed is in public view. seats hurt my ass. they sell alcohol. dim lighting. nice place to chill

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-15 13:57:43
My Score:
No coment

Posted by miss j on 2003-09-07 16:17:29
My Score:
i really liked this place. The stuff's a little overpriced, but they let you use their bong, and the waitress was lovely. Best place to sit and have a freshly squeezed orange juice on a lazy morning in the city.

Posted by maroje on 2003-07-31 10:33:52
My Score:
very nice place. cool mood. good smoke & music

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-07-06 08:32:45
My Score:
You like good tunes, people, and atmosphere? Go here now! Careful, might be harder to leave...

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-06-27 17:03:52
My Score:
Great relaxing place...cool atmosphere...and great tunes, Enjoy!

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-04-20 06:19:23
My Score:
This is a great place for a beer and weed! Not all coffeshops sell beer so this is a big plus when your all cotton mouth from their succculent weed/hash. They also have a good line of seed stock for that garden at home!

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-04-12 08:22:13
My Score:
a nice friendly chilled out atmosphere

Posted by Captain on 2003-04-09 15:39:01
My Score:

Posted by tomato on 2003-04-06 01:49:35
My Score:
def the best nite shop about! meg, mike, t & me had a DANK eve @ the rokery

Posted by slim adie on 2003-03-24 08:18:14
My Score:
The most chilled place I visited in amsterdam. I could have sat here for a whole week, simply because I could not move after a few doobie's. Spot on!!

Posted by xclockwise on 2003-03-22 19:37:59
My Score:
this place was amazing. mediterranean music, and good service. i tripped out on mushrooms as i sat and smoked. a waitress there was the most beautiful girl i've ever seen. one of the less sketchy crowds i encountered in amsterdam.

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-03-21 13:05:39
My Score:
can't even rate the weed 'cause i didn't buy any. it was full when my girlfriend and i walked in, but there was no one at the weed bar when we walked up. had only looked at the menu for about 2 seconds when "mr. cool english bartender-guy" asked me "can i help you?" as we had just walked up, and are not clairvoyant, i said we were just going to check out the menu for a minute. he blatantly rolled his eyes at me in disgust like he'd never heard someone say it before. his demeanor was rude right from the start. my girl and i looked at each other like, "whatever, dude..." and we continued to look at the menu anyways, even though i had decided i wasn't going to buy anything. just then a girl came up to the bar with a delapitated-looking joint she had attempted to roll. she asked very nicely if he could help her with it. his reply was rude, and implied that she was an idiot. hey asshole.....your job ain't that cool. and if you don't like dealing with tourists?....don't move to a tourist city, and work as a minimum-wage monkey at a tourist job. there are way too many coffeeshops in amsterdam to have to deal with that bullshit. i don't care how cool the fuckin' place looks, if i'm treated like an asshole. p.s, just be glad i was with my girl, and on my best behavior...

Posted by Tom in SF on 2003-03-14 12:59:23
My Score:
We visited two of their locations while in Amsterdam. The weed wasn't my favorite of the trip, but the coffee's strong and the staff is pretty friendly. Good tunes, too.

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-02-21 13:35:31
My Score:
Very rude and snotty staff. Nice decor though. Worth of visit at least once. Okay selection.

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-01-29 08:02:23
My Score:
these are really beatiful shops, a piece of art in itself!! give the STARDUST bud a try

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-01-27 01:06:41
My Score:
hey! i just want to say that you for got the one on SINGEL8the best one out of all 3! the one i did NOT like waz the on LANGEWARSSTRAAT 41 the ppl that work there r very RUDE! and the one on AMSTELwaz ok! HOPE to see u ppl next CC16! peace!

Posted by the millie mill on 2003-01-26 17:38:16
My Score:
you just went during the worst time to visit the dam the shops are overspewing with loud non dutch speaking tourist that wouldn't know a good thing if it hit them in the butt.

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-01-24 15:53:31
My Score:

Posted by Rob on 2003-01-06 14:05:20
My Score:
Been to many coffeeshops and this was one of the best. Nie and dark, easy on the eyes. Weed was good and they serve alcohol. We brought our own water bong and sat in these high chairs on a platform. Very cool. Would recommend it and I know I will be back.

Posted by curly dread on 2003-01-05 08:24:18
My Score:
I think this the coolest chill coffeshop in the Netherlands. I live in Chicago and travel to the Netherlands once or twice every year, but my first time there was 2002. I dig the vibe and the patrons ain't bad to look at either. I must say the beautiful (high) people hang here.

Posted by bezerkley on 2002-12-19 15:55:01
My Score:
check out the water hash - was back each day for more

Posted by Anonymous on 2002-12-13 15:21:41
My Score:
it is a really nice place with excellent smoke, its very chilled but i think its a bit 2 dark, cant really see what you're doing, i nearly fell asleep its that chilled! the microscopes to look at your weed was good.

Posted by mati on 2002-12-12 10:11:04
My Score:
The reason I am trashing this place is the shittiness of the staff working there. I am living in Amsterdam for a few months now, and made it a mission to try all the coffeeshops I can get to... This place is a tourist trap treating their customers as if they were dirt. I am a lawyer and very well behaved and their attitude was unforgivable. I am sure this place has great potential but until they get their shit together with the service, I will not lay my foot in there again.

Posted by NYerInAmsterdam on 2002-12-06 05:28:40
My Score:
This place SUCKS. DO NOT GO!!! I have a place in Amsterdam and i go a lot, so I have given this place a lot of chances, and 100% of the times, they were shit. The people at the counter were the biggest assholes I have ever met, I think it's a qualification for the job. The weed is good but they act like they are doing you a favor by allowing you in their place to buy their weed, i have even waited like 20 minutes on a huge line one of the earlier times there, and 2 people in front of me, they closed off the line cause they said they wanted to go have coffee. ASSHOLES..do not go here..throw eggs at this place if you see it

Posted by Anonymous on 2002-12-04 09:18:50
My Score:
Although Rokerij has by far the best decor of any coffeshop(think ethnic/Indian/Morrocan/designer hang-out) in Amsterdam and the music is always spot-on for the mood of the place it's best to go here in the evening expecting a bar instead of a coffeeshop. It gets very crowded and take on a trendy pub style atmosphere. The best time to visit is the morning or early afternoon when you can admire the decor and get real mellow listening to the tunes sitting on one of the thrones. The draw ain't the greatest but it don't matter when the place looks this good.

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