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Hashtorical Daze Tours

According to Tom, the guide, you can tag along with him and go where the locals go in the Dam, see the best coffeeshops in town, get the inside info on where to find squat parties and the hottest clubs. Get discounts on mushrooms, clothing, food and drinks...

As a special offer the damage is now just 12.50 euros per person for the tour, and begins twice daily at the Cannabis College. Oudezijdes Achterburgwal 124 in the Red Light District of Amsterdam. 12 noon and 4:20.

More Info:

Address: 124 Oudezijdes Achterburgwal
City: Amsterdam
Added: June 6th 2003
Reviewer: Martin Trip

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Posted by Brian Stokes on 2006-01-09 00:30:18
My Score:
This tour was the greatest! Tom is the best tour guide ever! I just have a couple complaints. Halfway through the tour, Tom took his pants off. He went pantless for the rest of the tour. It wasn't a pretty site staring at his little willie all day. And every time he saw a handsome guy, he would get a hardon! My wife was so taken back she didn't know what to do!! And Tom should do something about his teeth, too. Half his teeth have fallen out!

Posted by Frank Kraft on 2005-03-01 09:52:54
My Score:
Your tour sucked, Stehney. I hated it! I wish you would just go eat some roast beef with the homeless guy. No more back ish trade-ins for you! By the way, Big Nose Ben is now known as Ben Wa. He is the greatest tattoo artist this side of the Mason-Dixon line. Booya!!

Posted by Krazy Kev on 2004-09-23 01:19:56
My Score:
Loved the tour! That Tom really knows his pot! He's a funny guy, too. He wouldn't start the tour until my wife and I slapped him on his ass! It was crazy! And he told us to scream out "Koosman!" every time we whacked his behind! He wouldn't tell us what that meant, though. I definitely recommend this tour to everyone! Just be prepared to stop at every hot dog stand on the tour. That Tom loves hot dogs with extra ketchup!! I love that guy!!

Posted by The Onion on 2004-06-03 08:09:03
My Score:
Koos rules!!! Dude, you gave the best tour ever!! I urge everyone to contact the Koosman and go on his tour!! It rocks!! And stop calling him Tom! He's the Koosman!!! peace

Posted by Blinky on 2004-06-03 07:49:27
My Score:
This was the highlight of my trip!! Tom was a really great guy! It was really a fun tour! One strange thing, though. Tom kept insisting that we call him the "Koosman". I still don't know what that means.

Posted by Confed999 on 2003-09-02 20:21:58
My Score:
This is a great coffeeshop tour! One of the highlights of our trip. Tom is a pretty great guy too, friendly and helpful. We took us to some of the best shops and even took us to a few we had been looking for. He knew where to get information on the events, concerts and clubs, which helped us make plans for our week there. This tour is well worth the price. Thanks Tom! :)

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-06-12 07:37:47
My Score:
Hey hey. I think they also do the boat tours there. Are the affiliated with "the Daytripper"? These guys also go round show you all the shops. The good deals on pot, cafes, bars, clubs, etc... You can order on their boat and they give you a deal from specific coffeeshops i think

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