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Jolly Joker

I've been to Amsterdam twice in the last 3 years. Tried many coffeeshops around the city. This my favorite coffeeshop by far. Not because of the quality weed, but because of the nice people working there. The weed was good also, but not the absolute best in the city. It has a laid-back atmosphere with good music and great hot chocolate. Free use of the bongs, which they will clean right before you use it. Backgammon and chess games available. More of an upscale interior with nice woodwork and brass finishes. Located at the edge of the Red light district near the Nuiewmarket, I think. Guido Rocks!

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City: Amsterdam
Added: January 17th 2004
Reviewer: Brad Pippin
Hits: 16227

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Posted by Lola on 2008-06-04 04:13:05
My Score:
Jolly Joker is okay if you want to be surrounded by tourists.  The bathroom is filthy and it is just kiond of sketchy in general.  It is right in the main square so it loses a lot of charm for that reason.

Posted by Kottonmouth King on 2008-03-10 11:18:10
My Score:
the first coffeeshop Ive been to

Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-01 16:30:55
My Score:
Nice and relaxed atmosphere and staff really helpful. A+

Posted by A first timer on 2006-02-11 15:59:55
My Score:
Just found this site, we visited (8 friends) Jolly Jokers just before Xmas 2005. One girl fancied a smoke so in we went, the guy behind the counter was very helpful, he talked us through the different types on offer & recommended the White widow. We bought coffees headed up to the balcony area and chilled. The guy popped up in a little while see if all was ok, nice touch, real nice atmosphere as well. Spent a few hours passing a few joints between us and had a great time. So try this place out, we've been back a couple of times, different people serving, but same helpful advice & very good atmosphere, nice clean place too.

Posted by Sarahk on 2006-01-26 20:03:33
My Score:
Was the first coffe shop we my boyfriend and I went to last August, it was such a great place. The staff we really welcoming and helpful, had a really nice espresso. Seating is really good, we sat beside the window, and it was great just to watch the world go by when you're stoned! we went back everyday we were there and we'll be going back in a month for our anniversary!

Posted by tourguide on 2006-01-07 15:12:06
My Score:
Definitly the mellow and chill coffeeshops we visited in january 2005, both me and my girlfriend agreed itss was our favourite coffeeshop on the way home. Be back in july 2006 :):)

Posted by well don bill sikes on 2005-09-23 20:20:37
My Score:
this guy called bill sikes one of your owne if you know what i mean millwall all the way just dont upset him???????can not wait to see him again hope you are well will be in jolly joker 24 dec 5 pm happy xmas all at jolly joker and many thanks for leting us meet the one and only bill sikes millwall nutter the best

Posted by class on 2005-09-23 13:25:46
My Score:
met this guy called bill sikes he was a londoner he saved my life jan 2003 all i know he was a millwall nutter in a nice way he said we whould be safe in jolly joker bill sikes my number in london is 00447961228693 ok im doing well and have a way for you to make bundels lots of love penny and kim come bill sikes you a boss of bossss we know it ring asap xxxxxxxxxxx

Posted by ANGRY on 2005-09-06 15:48:08
My Score:

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-08-03 19:53:47
My Score:
super shop !!!

Posted by v8 on 2005-06-17 13:09:09
My Score:
Without a doubt, my favourite place for a visit while in A'dam. Great atmosphere, extremely friendly staff and the weed is pretty good too ;-) Highly reccomended.

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-06-06 14:53:31
My Score:
Just got back from Amsterdam. Been there only 2 days and visited the jolly joker 3 times! The music, the beautifull and very helpfull lady on saterday and the friendly guy on sunday, the smoke, all the fruitjuices etc. made it a fantastic weekend! I can asure you we did a lot of places and non of them were as convincing as this one. ++++

Posted by Johnny Boy on 2005-04-21 00:23:29
My Score:
It's a perfect 10 - I go there every Queens Day I'll be there again this year - Its the best herb and coffee - they have several house bongs - I left a purple one there last year (hope its still there) The bartenders are outstanding - great variety of weed too - relax enjoy

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-04-19 10:39:52
My Score:
A very special coffe shop... But they've got the best music selection of every coffee shop in Amsterdam!!! Try Jack Errer grass, N°1 in france!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-03-26 04:56:47
My Score:
I love almost all of the coffeeshops we visited last year (about 35... we were in Amsterdam for three weeks in all - two separate visits) but The Jolly Joker holds a special place in our hearts. We had 7 separate visits to The Joker and always had a nice and mellow time.

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-01-27 11:30:32
My Score:
I have been visiting Amsterdam for quite a few years. The Jolly Joker is where I always go when I'm there. Relaxed, easy going, nice/normal people at the bar; reasonably nice furniture and decor (as coffee shops go); great music and more! Infact, I like the place so much that I'd like to work there. Any offers? M

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-01-11 15:50:10
My Score:
Very nice place to chill out. Go to upstairs and watch people who are sitting there and have a good time. And the waitress lady is a pretty good looking. Love this place.

Posted by Jacques on 2005-01-10 14:36:59
My Score:
Walked along Amsterdam for awhile before choosing a coffee shop, I chose the Jolly Joker as it looked like a nice place with a nice atmosphere. And I was right; the Jolly Joker is nice clean local coffee shop with peaceful people and a relaxed atmosphere, thanks to the decor, music and staff. The coffee and cookies are delicious. In my time spent in Amsterdam, I went there everyday, as it has a drawing force for you to come back. The only downer is the weed quality was not that great and it is a bit small, but I get that is one of the aspects that makes this coffee shop great.

Posted by Krypto on 2005-01-05 09:15:06
My Score:
For me, this is really the best coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Staff so cool, perfect relax music, so smooth ambiance. I will be back !!!

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-11-23 16:21:13
My Score:
the best godam place iv ever been the owner and friends were lovley and iv neva had such a relax enviroment. the dutch man english man scotts woman and the canadian man. its like being in ur own front room with just lovley people

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-11-22 21:25:17
My Score:
Das Klubhaus Backgammon Tour - November 2004. Four English guys playing a weekend tournament [on two boards] were touring some coffee shops to check their welcome. JOLLY JOKER - Recommended. The layout is fine but not best suited for our boards but the service, sounds and stock are good. The chance to sample small bits of good blow is ideal. The location easy and the ground floor views are very good. A regular daily stop.

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-09-09 13:02:42
My Score:
I went there and will go every morning I´m in dam. to get the day started. it´s close to the place I usually stay in. And it´s such a nice cafe.. the staff, interior and so on.. damn.. Janne, Finland

Posted by Dumpy & Ginge on 2004-08-15 14:05:20
My Score:
Great juices, nice music , friendly staff & a really good atmosphere to relax in and smoke your gear.

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-07-11 15:14:15
My Score:
Visited the jolly joker in april with my brother,, looked like a place where people meet before going out into the city , purchased a bag of powder plant and it was very smooth . the decor was good and it had all the characteristics of a small italian restaurant. good location and was only a few minutes walk from where we stayed on warmoesstraat...... we will definitely return here!!!! Stuart >>>> Blackpool>>>>> England

Posted by captainmike on 2004-06-17 14:10:10
My Score:
Came upon this coffeeshop while walking through the Nieuwmarkt on a Saturday afternoon. Clean interior and a bit more upscale than the average beat-up looking coffeeshop (of which there are plenty in the 'dam). We were greeted with very cool jazz playing on the house system, as well a smile and a pleasant "good day" from the fellow behind the counter. (This is also unusual in many shops).The smoke was as good as anything we've toked in our numerous visits to the city. The staff were very cool and took the time to give us directions to several spots, as well as recommending some great restaurants. I know that in the off-season (we were there in November and February) the locals are bit less stressed by the smaller crowds, but these guys were exceptionally nice to us. I hope they maintain their low-keyed, friendly demeanor. One of the better experiences as far as coffeeshops are concerned....

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-05-29 02:26:36
My Score:
Smoked a gram of Jack Herer, couldn't get off my chair for an hour, for a guy that smokes 3 grams of BC bud a day, that is saying a lot. Superb, only place I will go next time I'm in Amsterdam.

Posted by george on 2004-04-29 00:59:54
My Score:
the best, nice people, nice tunes, nice n chilled. some were to sit hink and watch the day go by.

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-04-24 14:21:19
My Score:
A very good coffee with a good music (pop rock). You can smoke white widow, jack herrer, crystal haze, northern lite, thai.

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-04-05 21:25:34
My Score:
i will be back!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-03-30 05:58:35
My Score:
If you see a guy at the bar that looks like a fish.... tell him the lads from bristol send their regards!

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-03-28 15:50:06
My Score:
nice small shop with as helpful staff with nice view if square and church

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