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Murdering Point Winery

Located in far north Queensland, in the wet tropics, is a winery producing boutique fruit wines and port. The family run business has been cultivating this area since 1952, and started producing wines in 2003.

Featuring 10 or more different wines made from locally grown fruits, they gladly offer tastes of them all to visitors. They are all priced around 20 Australian Dollars per bottle here, except for the "Point Port," which sells for 25.

We started our tasting tour with some Panama Gold, a medium dry vintage with mango being the predominant flavor. The next, Pinnacle Dry was made from passionfruit and its tanginess would be a great counterpoint to an overly sweet desert. It comes in a sweet version as well (which I did not try).

A new release, Romance Dry, is made from lychee fruits, and is delightful. The flavor reminded me of a special cocktail prepared for us in Spain by a Chinese restaurant we like.

One of my favorites was next, the Misty Gem Dry, which features the delightful flavors of Lemon Aspen. This is neither a lemon, nor an aspen, but an Australian bushfood plant and not an herb at all. Growing as a tall tree up to 20m high, it has deep-green leaves, and clusters of scented white flowers. The small lime-green fruits are harvested in autumn and winter for their unique flavor, a strong citrus tang with undertones of eucalyptus and menthol. This makes for a delightful, if unusual wine.

Red Emperor dry was next in the tasting. Made from Davidson Plums, this deep and rich wine is perfect with cheese and meat dishes. The sweet version makes a fine dessert wine.

But the best dessert wine they offer is the Point Port, a new offering, made from Mulberries. Similar to some California offerings, I enjoyed this one immensely. Deep, rich, flavorful, and long lasting on the tongue, it has a clean finish, but leaves a hint of raisin flavor.

Numerous awards decorate the tasting room, and there is a pathway around the side of the building to an observation window, where you can watch them making wine. Owned by the Berryman family, they have been cultivating the fertile soil of the Silkwood area since 1952. According to William Berryman who runs the place with his father, they produce sugar cane and tropical fruits including pineapple, papayas, passionfruit, and make fine tropical fruit wines.

Visiting here is a nice break on the road from Cairns to Mission Beach. Located just off the main Highway 1 on the road to Kurrimine Beach, it is actually in the town of Silkwood. You'll see the signs on the highway if you aren't zipping by too fast!

You can read about native foods by clicking here.
~Martin Trip

More Info: Murdering Point Winery is located 20 minutes drive south of Innisfail (15 minutes north of Mission Beach). Turn at the intersection of the Bruce Highway and Kurrimine Beach, then travel 1.6kms along Murdering Point Road.

Open 7 days - 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. Closed Christmas Day, Good Friday and open 1.00 pm ANZAC Day.

Address: 161 Murdering Point Road
Postcode: 4857
Phone: 61 - 7 - 4065 2327
Added: September 13th 2005
Reviewer: Martin Trip
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Language: english


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