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The Optical Edge

The Optical Edge in Brisbane offers same-day service to travelers and locals alike. If they have your lens in stock, they'll have your glasses done by the time you have to leave.

I rarely tout the services of commercial establishments just for the fun of it, unless it's a great restaurant, but this place offered such outstanding service to travelers that I have to recommend it.

Located in the heart of Brisbane's downtown shopping district on Edward Street at #235, The Optical Edge is in the Rowes Arcade, facing the street. After going to at least five other optical shops in town, and calling around only to be told "we don't offer that kind of service," I was delighted to find happy friendly people willing to help a traveler who needed a new pair of eyeglasses. Being in Brisbane for only one day was the problem for everyone else, and these folks went out of their way to make sure the glassses were doen on time, correctly.

Frames were $99 Australian, and the lenses were $95. A free hard-shelled case was included, as was any tax. I ordered the glasses at 12:30 mid-day, they were on my face at 1:15 pm.


More Info: On Edward Street between Adelaide Street and Queen Street Mall, just one block from Albert Street. The central station is very nearby.

Address: 235 Edward Street
Rowes Arcade
City: Brisbane
Postcode: 4000
Phone: 07 3221 8499
Added: November 14th 2005
Reviewer: Martin Trip
Hits: 2444
Language: english


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