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Grilled Calamari Salad with Chili Sauce

Mission Beach's laid back atmosphere rarely inspires more than a day soaking up rays on it's magnificent beach. Yet the chef at Toba's Restaurant has managed to create an inspired menu using fresh ingredients and recipes from around the world.

I've enjoyed Toba's creative dishes where east meets west in a joyful fusion of color and taste on several occasions. Local seafood, salads, meats, rice and pasta dishes fill out the menu. This night we ordered a grilled calamari salad with chili sauce, a mushroom risotto and a chicken with pumpkin sauce with potatoes and mixed vegetables. All the dishes were well prepared, very tasty and nicely garnished.

Toba is a fine place to enjoy lunch or dinner after a day at Mission Beach.

More Info: Open for Lunch and Dinner
Full Bar

Address: 37 Porters Promanade
City: Mission
Postcode: 4852
Phone: ( 07) 4068 7852
Added: December 20th 2005
Hits: 2162

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