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La Brouette

La Brouette

Grand Place


Salles De Banquets & Reunions

‘A Votre Disposition’

2 Triple Westmalle Beers – 7.20 euros (290 Belgian Francs) including IVA and service.

On the Grand Place, in Brussels, is a café named La Brouette, where we stopped by one Saturday afternoon for a drink. The ‘Place’ was packed, with stalls offering regional food and drink lined up in the center, and of course, hordes of tourists and locals milling around. We had a fine view and listen to the drum and fife band from Asturias in Spain, tried in vain to get a plate of mussels in Brussels, and settled for a beer; here.

It turned out to be quite the psychedelic experience as we were taught how to pour beer. Properly. By the waiter, by example. He also explained that with live yeast beers like Westmalle, to never drink it all the way to the bottom. This way one avoids drinking the majority of live yeast, clumped in the bottom of the bottle, and also avoids indigestion according to our voluble waiter.

The interior is splendid, and is probably a wonderful place for a grand dinner on the Grand Place. Enjoy!

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Address: Grand Place, Brussels
Added: November 24th 2004
Reviewer: Martin Trip
Hits: 2640

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