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La Vieux Bruxelles

A special birthday dinner was what we were in search of this evening in Brussels. Walking around the Grand Place, we were struck by the hussle and bustle, and the vociferous touts urging us to eat here or there. But we kept looking for the something special, and found it down a twisting alleyway – the Butcher’s Street or ‘Rue des Bouchers.’

Not only were they vociferous at this place, they insisted that we would return, and the headwaiter himself thrust a card into our hands to remind us of their existence. He told us that we would find no finer a meal in Brussels. After wandering around for a little while longer looking at endless tables filled with happy diners enjoying every type of mussel, clam, lobster, and other seafood dishes, we did in fact return to ‘Le Vieux Bruxelles.’

The birthday person got to choose the menu, and it was grand. Since we were planning on enjoying some seafood for dinner, we ordered a bottle of Chardonnay, which was cold, fruity and crisp all at the same time. The perfect match for the ‘crustaces de mer’ chosen for the main course. The appetizer was the restaurants very fine ‘salad mixte,’ which was a platter of crispy lettuces topped with delights such as olives, asparagus spears, tiny boiled eggs (probably partridge or some such bird), and sliced vegetables fresh from some nearby garden.

The main was the highly touted feature, Mixte Royal, and it was indeed royal. Half a lobster per platter, with clams, mussels, crab legs, huge prawns, grilled chunks of fish, was served along with the required lemon slices, hot towels, and shell crackers. What a sublime treat, and every morsel was deliciously fresh, and cooked to perfection.

September is a fine month to visit Brussells, and we enjoyed the only day of the year when the entire city was closed to car traffic. And thus opened to pedestrians, bicyclists, skateboarders and the pigeons. What a way to enjoy one’s stay in a big city. Well, it’s not that big a city, you can walk around most of the interesting places in just one day, as we did. We hope you enjoy ‘Le Vieux Bruxelles’ as much as we did, and the city as well.

More Info: La Vieux Bruxelles

Cuisine Francaise

Specialities: Crustaces, Poissons, Fruits de Mer, Viande Rouge, Gibier en Saison

Address: La Vieux Bruxelles

Rue Des Bouchers 33-35

1000 Brussels

02 511 24 57
City: Brussels
Added: November 24th 2004
Reviewer: Martin Trip
Hits: 3234

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