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Mary Chocolatier

Marble countertops and fine chocolate go hand in hand. And when you enter the door, there should be a rush of fragrant cocoa blasting you in the face.

At “Mary” Chocolatier in the heart of Brussels, you get all that and more. Gilt-edged mirrors, and piles of luscious bon-bons.

We were good. Very good. We only got one small box for a princely sum. But it was fit for a king. Stupendous flavours, with the smoothest, creamiest chocolate I’ve had. It made the stuff I’ve enjoyed for years in Holland seems like a Hershey bar, or worse.

I ‘highly’ recommend a visit to ‘Mary’ when in Brussels. Much more relaxed than the glittering palaces in the Grand Place, just down the street from the Astoria Hotel.

More Info: Expedition dans le monde entire

Open 9:30 to 6 pm.

Closed Sundays

Address: Rue Royale 73
City: Brussels
Postcode: 1000
Phone: 02 217 45 00
Added: November 24th 2004
Reviewer: Martin Trip
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