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Restaurant Vincent

While sitting in La Morte Subite, wondering how Brussels could find new ways to astound my palette, I struck up a conversation with some locals, who, upon my demand for a recommendation as to where I should eat, immediately suggested Vincent.

It's tucked down an alleyway near the Janneke-Pis (that's the female one that they put up in 1987 in the name of equal opportunities), quite close to the ubiquitous range of tourist restaurants with multi-lingual menus and greasy-haired 'welcoming' staff.

Chez Vincent, they do things differently. The waiters usher you through a steam-filled galley full of copper pans, shouting men in white hats and large pieces of meat being flambéed, into an exquisite tiled dining room, where... look, I'll skip the flowery description.

What you need to know is this: pepper steak from Vincent is the most sublime compliment you can pay to your taste buds. They will love you forever.

NOTE: This review was submitted by a reader, and the rating is his, not the Hip Guide's rating. Please post your comments here about the restaurant should you ever get the chance to dine here.

More Info: noon-2.45, 6.30-11.30pm Mon-Fri
6.30-10.30 pm Sat, Sun

Address: 8-10 rue des Dominicains
City: Brussels
Phone: 0032 (0)2511 2607
Added: January 25th 2005
Reviewer: Andrew Brown
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