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Charlot Le Roi des Coquillages

We were looking forward to our first dinner in Paris and craving seafood, we decided to visit Charlot based on a recommendation. At the entrance we viewed the chef arranging several immense cold seafood platters.

I decided to try one, but I'm a bit particular about my seafood so I decided to only have shrimp, clams and crab on mine. I wanted the small clams (as they're usually sweeter), but despite making my desires known, I got six large raw clams, which I really couldn't see chucking down (and at almost 4 euros each, a bit of a raw deal), so I refused them and just ate the shrimp and crab which were cooked thankfully.

My companion ordered a delicious seafood bisque with more than a hint of saffron. That was followed by a swordfish steak that was equally good. We washed our meal down with a Tursan Blanc which was delightful. We were curious about a side dish made of potato, and herbs made into a sort of fried stick. It was very good and our waiter had to ask around to find someone to translate one ingredient which we didn't understand that turned out to be chickpeas (garbanzo beans).

The big, well dressed black man at the next table (who reminded me of some deposed African dictator), managed to spray lobster juice and pieces on us while cracking the claws open. We laughed it off. But my companion was a bit uncomfortable on a bumpy chair and was unable to last until dessert.

The interior is a bit gaudy, decorated in pinkish pastels with sea motifs, with lots of chrome and mirrors making the place seem larger than it is. The overall ambiance was lively and cheerful, and everyone seemed to enjoy their meals including the dictator who had the three tiered deluxe seafood platter.

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Address: 81 Blvd. de Clichy
City: Paris
Postcode: 75009
Phone: 01 53 20 48 00
Added: March 17th 2002
Hits: 3788

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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-08-04 22:49:28
My Score:
Just back from visiting Paris...what a wonderful experience! My friend and I were looking for a restaurant that served excellent bouillabaisse and received a resounding recommendation from one of tour guides to visit Charlot. I have to say it's not in the nicest part of Paris...just down the street from the Moulin Rouge in the red light district of Paris, but it's all part of the experience! The bouillabaisse was superb and the service was excellant. It's obivously the pick of the Parisians since I think we were the only english speaking patrons there. If you love seafood, Charlot is the place for the best!

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