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Patachou Restaurant Montmartre

View from the steps of the Sacre Coeur.

UPDATE: This restaurant is now closed. Please let us know if it reopens!

Montmartre is always one of my favorite places to walk in Paris... So beautiful, high on a North butte overlooking the city. Imagine my surprise when by accident I was looking for something to eat, and fell into one of the better experiences I have ever had in Paris... Restaurant Patachou!

The nondescript entrance off the Place du Tertre just east of the Dali museum sits right on the edge of the Montmartre bluff. When you look in the door you have no suspicion that if you walk past the host desk through the first room, you emerge into a terraced garden that... yes, has a beautiful & completely unobstructed view of all of Paris!

And I was lucky. I had happened upon Patachou early (11:45 am) for dejuneur without a reservation. I was given one of the best tables on the terrace, right on the farthest outside ledge looking down over the city. By 12:15 all tables on the terrace were full, and as you probably know, the French can make dejuneur last all afternoon, which they did at Patachou.

And the food was very good. Starting out with esgargot in a wine-garlic sauce, tasting better than I ever imagined escargot could taste... tender and flavorful little shells of French delight. This was followed by a simply prepared yet very tasty herb poulet (herb-roasted chicken), accompanied with a well presented and delicious side of rice with vegetables. All this was washed down with a nice and yet inexpensive bottle of bordeaux recommended by my waiter. And for dessert, an excellent mousse au chocolate, followed by nice strong espresso for the added buzz necessary to force me to rise from my chair at about 2:00 PM and leave this wonderful lunch and view behind. Most of the tables on the terrace were still full as I walked out.

Patachou is an ala carte splurge, and this perfectly delicious and huge dejuneur came to a total of f300 for one person (about 44 Euros, $42). The food was very good, the view unbelievable, so it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and well worth it. Magazines that review Paris restaurants claim a Patachou three-course tourist menu choice for dinner in the evening is 180 francs (about $24).

Patachou is known for cocktails at sunset and dinners late (lots of wedding receptions are booked in the evening) when the City of Lights is most beautiful, but it is also not a secret anymore and it requires a reservation. Make SURE you have reserved a table with a guaranteed view ahead of time so that you get your money's worth. Walking the terrace to enjoy the view is not encouraged as it disturbs guests with good tables, so try to get a good table so as not to be disappointed. I found it to be wonderful for an early lunch, and the view was spectacular in the daytime.

More Info: Patachou 9 place du Tertre, Paris 18th in Montmartre - métro: Anvers or Metro: Abbesses Ph: Pleasant terrace overlooking Paris. In Montmartre, take the funicular up to the Sacre Coeur and walk west (do not descend); or from rue Lepic climb to the Place du Tertre, skirting the sidewalk artists, until you reach Patachou Restaurant. From the Place du Tertre, anyone can point it out to you. Enjoy, dave_from_CO

Address: 9 place du Tertre, 75018 Paris 18th in Montmartre - métro: Anvers
City: Paris
Postcode: 75018
Phone: 011-331-42-51-06-06
Added: August 15th 2002
Reviewer: Dave Queen (dave_fr
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-01 15:38:38
My Score:
La patachou restaurant was the best restaurant we had ever been to. I paid for a romantic break for my me and my wife to go to Paris in early 2003 specificaly to eat in this restaurant again and found it to be a burnt out shell. We ended up eating Italian. Hope the new place still makes the most of the view over Paris.. We were so sad.

Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-10 21:07:45
My Score:
Final update: It is gone forever. Patachou not only has been chopped up into a modern, almost "starbucks-like" coffee house, but also the other half is now a Dali reproduction art dealer / gallery. Worst of all, backhoes have completely demolished the beautiful terrace in the back that had the amazing view of Paris. Patachou as we knew it is not only ferme, it is gone forever. So sad. Dave_from_CO.

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-10-27 01:44:46
My Score:
I love Paris. Ever since I was a kid, I was 'infected' by the French touch and I really like the culture, the language, the literature, the architecture, the fashion and 'art de vivre'... I am disappointed and deeply shpocked by the way the French treat their heritage. They are about to ruin everything in Paris and France, everything Paris has always represented... When I realized a couple of years ago back in 2003 that Patachou was closed, I felt horrible... On the other side there are numerous new restaurants with the "new" frenchmen selling cous-cous... This is not my piece-of-cake. This is not "my" PAris anymore...

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-04-19 22:13:57
My Score:
I loved this restaurant! The waiters were very polite, and interesting, and the food oh the food was dilecious! I sat there savoring every bite my mouth took in and admiroring the view! I reccomended this restaurant to all my friends, and of corse they all went there. The price is quite high but it is worth it, and the portiens of food you get is magnificant! Go and see yourself!

Posted by lydia on 2004-06-04 11:33:15
My Score:
What a suprise when i tried to call the Patachou on the phone, no one's on ! The Patachou is closed since 2002 !

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-05-13 11:23:05
My Score:
Absolutely fantastic place. Wonderful view from the terrace in the evening.

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-28 19:34:27
My Score:
Patachou is closed. I wrote this review (dave_from_CO) and when I returned this fall (10/1/03) it was permanently closed. The artists on the Place du Tertre (if they can be trusted... ha ha) told me not only is it closed, but the owners/operators are dead. Stuff of legend, not verifiable, probably made up by them for effect so I would be softened up for a pitch on a 100-Euro portrait: but one thing is for sure: Patachou is (at least for now) no more.

Posted by Daen on 2003-08-01 08:58:29
My Score:
What a find. The food, service and breathtaking view are exceptional. Can't wait to return. The little dog walking around on the awning was very funny. One of my favorite restaurants in Paris!

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-01-20 03:00:52
My Score:
Eye will go there soon. Eweda man dave_CO. Saw the video and your are right.. most beautiful. Thanks for the great info.

Posted by Anonymous on 2002-12-07 18:16:13
My Score:
If you wish to see the view from the terrace at Patachou, rent the DVD "Amelie." A the view from the terrace is shown while 2 glasses "dance" on a tablecloth in the foreground. It appears at the beginning of the film. You can see Tour Eiffel in the background-right. dave_from_CO

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