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Restaurant Le Divellec

Reservations are required at this Paris classic restaurant noted for "haute cuisine a la Francais" from Chef Jacques Le Divellec.

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More Info: At the intersection of Rue Fabert, just south of the River Seine and the Quai D'Orsay.

Address: 107 Rue de L'Universite
City: Paris
Postcode: 75007
Phone: 01 45 51 91 96
Added: October 19th 2002

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Posted by Hottie101 on 2005-09-21 01:16:51
My Score:
This place was totally kickass!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 2005-01-12 18:48:52
My Score:
This was one of the greatest dining experiences. We ate here our last night in Paris and we were treated like royalty. The lobster was phenomenal, as was the light chocolate mint souffle I had at the end. Wonderful restaurant, I would recommend it to anyone looking for an experience, not just a meal...

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-07-08 20:56:28
My Score:
One of the greatest dining and eating experiences of my life - Romantic, excellent, delicious. Lobster bisque - exquisite as other poster described. Also Steamed Langoustine in green sauce - Outstanding! Worth the effort, price, and the taste sensations and memories will linger - 3 years later for me...

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-04 20:40:16
My Score:
It was vary, vary good

Posted by Jennifer on 2003-08-19 09:22:42
My Score:
This is probably the best "fish" restaurant in Paris, true to its reputation in the capitol. It is also the place where all heads of the French government tend to dine during lunch hour - Mitterand's favorite place for many years. The specialty here is the lobster soup. They literally bring the machine out to the table in front of the customer, and feed the (now cooked & thoroughly dead) lobster through the contraption and lobster bisque is extracted. Quite an unbelievable process. The fish itself is delicious and the sauces that accompany the various plates, always intrigue and delight - who would imagine a cucumber mint sauce with white fish? The decor is made to look like the inside of a boat. Very decent experience overall.

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