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Restaurant Taillevent

This classic Parisian restaurant is noted for "haute cuisine a la Francais" from Chefs Jean-Claude Vrinat and Michel del Burgo.

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More Info: Located just off Avenue de Friedland near the Rue de Balzac, just north of the Champs Elysees.

Address: 15 Rue de Lamennais
City: Paris
Postcode: 75008
Phone: 01 44 95 15 01
Added: October 19th 2002

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Posted by kimg on 2005-06-03 19:41:53
My Score:
my husband and i recently went to paris on our honeymoon; a gift from friends was $ towards a meal at Taillevent. although i emailed Taillevent over 2 months out, there were only lunch reservations available. when i wrote to Jean-Claude Vrinat that this meal would quite possibly be the best of our lives, i was correct. we each ordered a set menu (we dare not chose for ourselves), ordered at $200 bottle of wine (suggested from the wine man) and began our extravaganza with their famous champage. the rest was a whirlwind, like we were in a magic bubble. friends have asked what i ordered, and i truely cannot remember clearly, but i do recall the frog legs risotto, lamb, and a chocolate dessert with real gold. course after course were brought to us with such precision, and with a host of professionals anticipating our every need. truely remarkable. i had read also that many americans dine there and about half the room were from our country, and fortunately for us, everyone very courteously spoke to us in perfect english. this was an experience of a lifetime....wow!

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-11-23 20:49:39
My Score:
Although I had made my reservation a month in advance, they turned me down because my companion could not make it. They did not want to seat a table for one. It would bring them more money to give that table to a deuce! Not the graciousness one would expect from a 3 star restaurant.

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-07-07 07:39:28
My Score:
Having read many rave reviews of this 3 Michelin * restaurant I had high expectations. Some have described this restaurant as one of the best in the world, but I beg to differ. The food, and wine were fabulous. The service was good. The decor was pleasing. What made this restaurant an experience I would rather forget is the fact that the dining room was filled with infants and toddlers. Yes, they were all American (so am I). When I pay over $400 for a meal, I expect to dine in the company of adults. I complained to the owner and he did absolutely nothing to accomodate me and my dinner guest. I was appalled, and I will never return. And a note to all travelers: if you must take your young children with you, leave them at the hotel or with a babysitter when you go out for a fine, expensive meal. It is the only considerate thing to do.

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-08-07 12:30:00
My Score:
We were told to try Taillevent by close relatives who have been there several times -- it was described to us as one of the finest restaurants in the world, with excellent food, an enviable wine list and impeccable service. This restaurant lived up to all of these superlatives and then some. First, the food and service were second to none. We started with two glasses of the house champagne (apparently, Taillevent has a vineyard in Champagne, and their "house champagne" is really very special -- and it was delicious). As we struggled to translate the French wording of certain dishes, our service captain proceeded to translate the entire menu, from top to bottom, offering mouth-watering descriptions of each dish and helping to give us direction in our seldections. After we inquired about the availability of half bottles of wine, a special menu was brought to us and the wine steward then came out and wlaked us through the alternatives, directing us to a 1/2 bottle of Cabernet that was not especially expensive (and not as good, relatively speaking, as the champagne had been) to drink with our main courses. We took risks in our dinner selections, figuring that, if there was any restaurant in the world where risk taking was warranted, this was the one. We were not disappointed. The appetizers were incredible, the main courses slightly less so, but only by comparison to what preceeded them. My ravioli champagnioise was the most delicious appetizer I have ever eaten. My wife's lobster sausage (a lobster tail surrounded by a sausage shapped lobster mousse casing) was incredible. The main courses were excellent. And desserts were nothing short of incredible - both artistic and richly delicious. But the real star was the service -- very attentive yet not hovering, always helpful, and always well timed viz a viz the timing of dish oick-up, refreshing bread, pouring wine or asking if we needed anything. You would not even notice the staff, and then they'd be there doing exactly what you wanted them to do without asking or being asked. Mr. Hrinat came by twice during the meal, to ask us how we were enjoying our experience, and stopped for several minutes the second time to talk with us. With an extra tip that we left (service was "compris" . . . . that is, included in the menu prices), we left Taillevent about 475 Euro's lighter than when we arrived -- 125 of that was in the wine -- four glasses of champagne and a 1/2 bottle of cabernet) and the rest was in the meal and the service. Very expensive, yet for my taste, worth every penny and in some sense a "value" -- in that the ability to acquire priceless experiences is ultimately a value, no matter how expensive they are. This is not a place to go if you are looking for the hottest new restaurant in town, with the trendiest chef or unique and new cuisine -- nor can you truly enjoy it unless you are willing to spend some real money. It is not a great value, in the traditional sense of that expression, but it is very much worth what was charged. In summary: I cannot imagine there being a finer restaurant anywhere in the world. But this is a Rolls Royce, not a hot sports car. So the atmosphere is very formal and even a little stuffy, and it is obvious that they have been pleasing customers for a long time. This is the perfect place for those who want to eat the finest food, drink the finest wine, and be treated to fine service usually reserved for aristocrats. To some, Taillevent may seem pretentious, because of its emphasis on, and attention to, maintaining the highest quality standards in food, wine and service. My wife, who is not a wine maven and prefers trendier, less formal atmosphere even at the expense of a diminution in the quality of the food, did not love this experience as much as I did, though she did appreciate its finer points and thought the found was beyond compare. It was the formality of the experience that was dissonant to her tastes -- but that was exactly what I was looking for - a fine French meal served a fine French restaurant. And for those who want to experience fine dining in its ultimate presentation, I cannot think of a better place to do it than Taillevent.

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