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Saint Georges Hotel

It is said, this hotel is a 3-star hotel in Paris. But through my experience, I have to warn you never go to the Saint Georges hotel in Paris. Here I will tell you my incredible experience in this hotel, in case someone else will get any similar insult in this hotel.

1. I was blamed as a thief who stole the button of his toilet!

I spent 5 nights in this hotel. On the last morning I checked out first, then put some of my luggage in the hotel and said I would pick them up in that afternoon. Around six O'clock in the afternoon, I came back. I stepped into the hotel and greeted the Sir in the hotel smilingly. The Sir in the counter said to me, "Hi, Ms. xxx, I have a question to ask you!" "Ok" I stepped toward his counter. Then he shouted loudly at me "where is the button of the toilet?" I was confused at that moment. I didn't understand what he meant. I was thinking maybe he was complaining I didn't keep the toilet clean. Because there was no brush in the toilet of my room, I could not flush it very clean each time. Then I answered him quietly "it is at the back of the toilet." He continued to shout at me even more loudly, "It's missing! Where is it?!" Now I was just conscious that he was blaming me as a thief who stole the button in his toilet!!! I wonder whether I were that stupid as he said to carry a metal button of the toilet all the way from Paris to Germany, or he was so stupid to ask me such a question. This is an extremely incredible insult on me! I couldn't imagine anyone else could tolerate such an insult! I am usually a quiet girl. But at that time I had to shout back at him. Later he said, after I left, the maid who cleaned my room came to him and told him, the button was missing. Great! Then he could blame me as the thief before finding out the truth?! I don't know who took the button. At least, it was there when I left. But when the Sir blamed me directly as the thief, I had to suspect the maid or this Sir who might design the trap, or both of them.

I heard this Sir is the manager of the hotel. He is a tall black man, stands always very straight, and faces upwards. I believe he must assume himself a gentleman. However, when dealing with this affair, he is extremely impolite or terribly rude! Without knowing the truth, he blamed his custom directly as a thief who stole a button of his toilet! He could have inquired me about where the button might be put in a much more polite way. But instead, he shouted loudly at me and blamed me directly as a thief! What an insult! What an extremely incredible experience!

2. On the ground floor, the elevator is around 2 inches higher than the ground. On the third floor it is a little lower than the ground. But there is no warning. My right hand got cut when I turned the door knob and stepped out of the elevator on the ground floor. There is a slice of metal around the door knob, which is very sharp. If you have to live there, please take care.

3. The elevator didn't work after a rain, and there was no light in the narrow stairs all the time.

4. The electric power in my room was switched off in one night. My partner climbed down through the dark stairs from the third floor to the ground floor, to report it to the waiter in the counter (note the telephone in my room didn't work), then climbed up. The power was switched on. But after five minutes, the power was switched off again. Whoever did it, I could not believe in any staff in this hotel.

The "Saint Georges" hotel in Paris is an extremely notorious hotel I have ever met. I wonder how it cheated the rank of 3-star hotel.

Anyway, I suggest you never go to the Saint George hotel in Paris, in case you will get the same insult from them.

By the way, if anyone knows the address, telephone or email address of the Customer Protection Association, would you please let me know by the email "mousetiger@yahoo.com"? Thank you very much!

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Added: July 7th 2003
Reviewer: Tiger

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