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Hotel Tim Montmartre

A good hotel that gets consistently good reviews in one of the best locations in Paris: Bateau-Lavoir in Montmartre.

Hotel Tim is all about location. It sits right at one of my favorite rest / contemplative spots in Montmartre, Bateau-Lavoir, a small peaceful, "park"-like setting. It was at Bateau-Lavoir that Picasso and his compatriots invented cubism in the early 1900s before WW I. After burning in 1970, it has been nicely restored. A cool short history & pictures of Bateau-Lavoir can be found here:


Hotel Tim Montmartre / Bateau-Lavoir is just a few steps from Place du Tertre, Sacre Couer, Restaurant Patachou, Eric Satie's house, and all the other Montmartre treasures (or you can stagger back in short order to the Hotel Tim from Agile Rabbit late with minimal damage).

One small disappointment: as part of (IMHO) the overall European "gouging" & rip-offs associated with the change from francs/guilders/marks/lire to euros, as Eyegore the lab assistant once said: "of course, the rates, have gone UP!"

It's now $115/night (aargh!) for a single with a city view. Used to be less. I've seen specials at Hotel Tim run at approx. $95/night that you yourself or an aggressive travel agent can possibly negotiate for "high" season. Still a killer location, and the gouging is everywhere in Europe, so I suppose the pain is relative. Unique Qualities: Excellent views from some rooms of the Sacre Coeur, Montmartre, and Paris panorama.

If location is your thing, and Montmartre is your cup of tea, this is hard to beat.

After checking in, walk out the front door, turn left, sit at one of the benches in Bateau-Lavoir facing Paris, put on your mp3-player headphones & play 1st Gymnopédie by Eric Satie, and you will be in "Montmartre Heaven." (doobie optional) The Eric Satie musical piece can be found many places, including the "Impressionists" recording found here: http://www.windham.com/albums/product.jsp?id=019341011116

Directions: Map, good pictures and directions at the web site listed here: http://www.timhotel.com/hotels/us/montmartre.html#

Note: a more affordable hotel can be found at Hotel Royal Fromentin reviewed at this site.

Tradeoff: Hotel Royal Fromentin is located at the bottom of the Montmartre hill by Pigalle/Moulin Rouge, and requires a healthy but enjoyable & scenic walk UP the hill via Rue Lepic to Hotel Tim's location. Hotel Royal Fromentin is ~ $50 / Euros cheaper per night, and Hotel Royal Fromentin appears to be a nice-lookin' hotel as well. You are paying more for Tim's location. Tim also charges $8.50 for petite dejeuner, which I think you can beat at any Montmartre cafe.

dave_from_CO (davequ)

More Info: Access:

Address: 11 Rue Ravignan (Place Emile Goudeau) 75
City: Paris
Postcode: 75018
Phone: 33 (0) 1 42 55 74 79
Fax: 1 42 55 74 01
Added: January 22nd 2003
Reviewer: Dave Queen (dave_fr

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