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Tandoor Palace

The best Indian cuisine to be found in Warsaw, without a doubt. A fine place to eat and be pampered with great service.

The great art of North Indian cooking is offered here, reminding us of the days of the mighty Maharajas. The North Indian dishes prepared here are eye-catchingly colorful with garnishes such as green chilli, ginger and coriander leaves.

Tandoori items are the specialty here, made from lamb or chicken with home made cheese (paneer), and delicately flavored by a combination of special marinades. This is then cooked slowly in traditional clay ovens known as "Tandoors".

In addition to the 'tandoor' dishes, other items available here are Balti curries, seafood specialties and other savoury items you might find in India.

After travelling extensively through the country of Poland, you might want a change of pace. And here at the Tandoor Palace you will find just that - an interesting and flavourful change of pace from the root vegetables offered everywhere else in this country.

And now the restaurant is proud to announce that they are the winners of the New Millenium Award, presented at the 28TH International Conference for Tourism, Hotels and the Catering Industry; in Madrid, Spain in 2003.

More Info:

Address: Ul. Marszalkowska 21/25, Entry from Armii Ludowej
City: Warsaw
Postcode: 00-628
Phone: 825 23 75
Fax: 825 76 77
Added: January 18th 2005
Reviewer: martin trip
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