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C'est La Vie Restaurant

Well, this is the life, kicked back in Prague on the banks of the Vltava River enjoying fine French cuisine for a fraction of the price in Paris… In fact, if you’ve never been to Prague you will be delightfully surprised at how well you will eat during your stay. Prague has always been renowned for it's food and drink, except during the Communist era when there was virtually nothing to buy (unless you were party elite). Today Prague's culinary scene has come alive in these days of free Capitalism.

The Prague Castle at night
as seen from the bridge above the C'est La Vie Restaurant.

We needed to relax after spending the afternoon on the Charles Bridge, on the hottest summer day ever recorded so far in Prague. To cool off we decided to explore the river bank itself, wandering thru a small park and then finding the C’est La Vie restaurant. Since it was way too hot to eat indoors, we decided this outdoor restaurant, alongside the cool river would provide the "air conditioning" that most places in Prague lack.

At this time of year the restaurant takes over the riverside by a lock that allows boats to get up and down the Vltava River, so there is plenty to watch and remark on as the tourist boats cruise the river. Our favorites were the “jazz boats” offering live music and food, which were filled with some pretty happy looking party-goers having lots of fun.

We started our dinner with a couple of Staropramens, which at only 1/3 liter weren’t as big as some other places that offer at a full ˝ liter, but to pay less than 2 Euros per beer is still a deal. And after a couple you are really quite relaxed.

Our riparian repast was some of the best food we had in Prague, certainly presented in the most fashionable manner, with a flourish, on handsomely decorated plates. Each plate featured dipping areas, and the requisite scattering of freshly chopped herbs as well. One plate offered a nicely broiled piece of cod, with freshly cooked beetroots and a Champagne Béchamel sauce. The other main dish on our table was a fine piece of salmon grilled to perfection, with fresh pesto as the sauce. Both were really quite tasty, fresh and as said before, nicely presented.

As it was such a warm evening, we only ordered drinks and main dishes, as we couldn’t see eating anything heavy. The large basket of bread and excellent herb spread was a nice touch, and probably helped fill us up as well. Afterwards an espresso picked us up enough to actually leave this pleasant environment. Service charge was not included in this meal, and with drinks, the total came to 1200 Czech Crowns. Around 40 euros. Not exactly pennies, but with the great food and nice environment we felt completely satisfied. A similar meal in Amsterdam would have easily been over 60 euros, and in Paris far more.

Note: If you pay by credit card here, leave your tip in cash or your waiter will be very unhappy...

More Info: Opposite the National Theater on the other side of the Most Legii, down by the canal lock on the Vltava River banks.

Cards accepted: Visa, Diners Club, Amex, JCB

Address: Ricni 1, Malá Strana
City: Prague
Phone: +420 721 158 403
Added: August 23rd 2003
Reviewer: Martin Trip
Hits: 8240

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Posted by Anonymous on 2005-10-14 18:12:01
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Very nice evening! Thank you.

Posted by Carol on 2005-10-14 18:09:48
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Posted by Anonymous on 2005-06-02 14:34:12
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Posted by alexander on 2004-12-28 17:29:50
My Score:
Excellent Christmas dinner!!!

Posted by jack-USA on 2004-12-08 16:18:36
My Score:
Beautiful dinner ! Thank you...

Posted by Nottingham on 2004-10-18 16:37:42
My Score:
2 excellent lunches. Lunch menu much better value than dinner. Heartily recommend it!

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