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Cafe Louvre

This huge cafe has been a big hit with the locals for over 100 years. Noted habitues include Franz Kafka and Albert Einstein. Good Czech cuisine and especially desserts. Nice selection of breakfast dishes, including French, English & American breakfasts.

There's a non-smoking section, and vegetarian and lite portions are available. A billiard room rounds out the features of this unique, historic cafe.

More Info: Open: Mon-Fri 8am - 11:30pm
Sat-Sun 9am -11:30pm

Address: Narodni tr. 20
City: Prague
Phone: 224 930 949
Added: September 7th 2003
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Posted by Michael John on 2005-01-21 16:34:24
My Score:
Just got back from Prague and found the place by chance.Firstly the hot chocolate is far and away the best I have tasted anywhere. I also had a steak and the goulash in bread which was delicious and good value. The decor is interesting and very atmospheric; it became our local place to visit for a nightcap. We joked that if we'd had a bad day there was always the hot chocolate at the Cafe Louvre to make everything alright again. Good to go in late evening also.A real "find"

Posted by Austrian on 2004-12-29 17:21:38
My Score:
Beautiful premises, in the centre of Prague.Big non-smoking room is pleasant. Deserts and coffee are good, the food and salads are horrible, So good place for a coffee break..

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