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This award winning restaurant caters to the rich, the famous and the powerful. The restaurant is situated in a recently remodeled 11th century vault, lending an ancient, yet elegant ambiance to the rooms. Downstairs, a beautiful wine cellar dating from the 8th century is geared to wine afficionados.

Specialities include veal, lamb, duck and seafood. All this is accompanied by live piano music to set the mood.

Note: This restaurant is very pricey by Czech standards. You'll easily spend 100 Euros for two here.

More Info: Open from 11:30am till 1:00am

Cards accepted: VISA, EC/MC, AMEX

Address: Betlémský palác, Husova 5
Phone: 420 224 248 512
Added: September 7th 2003
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Posted by Anonymous on 2005-10-14 15:19:58
My Score:
Well when a restaurant's called flambee, you've got to expect a bit of smoke ;).

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-06-30 00:14:05
My Score:
The restaurant is very nicely decorated. About 4 set menus not a lot of choice on the a la carte. Went on a Sunday evening not many in. It is divided up in 2 rooms. We did ask for the no smoking section but there was only one couple and a group of 4 in our section and they were smoking one even a cigar, I thought maybe we were in the wrong section but then when I went into the other room just another 3 groups and one was smoking. It is a very expensive restaurant and smoking is the last thing you want. The food was very good and well presented and the staff were very attentive. Very nice for a special occasion. Also automatic hand towel which came down when you put your hand under and up again afterwards.

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