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El Raco de Can Fabes

Authentic Catalunyan cusine on the A7 highway to the northeast of Barcelona in the town of San Celoni. a perfect stopping point on your way to see Dali's place...

Chef Santi Santamaria offers award-winning fare to please your palate.

The Everest Group has recently published the highly luxurious, "The cooking of Santi Santamaria. The ethics of taste", written by Santi Santamaria, chef of the renowned Racó de Can Fabes, with a foreword by the poet Miquel Martí i Pol.

The chef is quoted from the book as saying: "In front of me, I have some cloves of garlic, some oil and some salt. I could make a thick allioli (heritage) or a runny allioli (technique). The question is, why allioli? We Catalans are a people with a culinary culture. Our history, that of allioli, goes way back. Who here has never seen allioli being made in a mortar? You crush the garlic in the mortar and then you take a jar of oil that doesn't flow too freely and steadily add a thin stream of olive oil, all the while constantly stirring the mix with the pestle until it thickens. The result is one of the royal family of Catalan sauces. Heritage and technique. Culture, learning, savoir-faire. In a word, craft."

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More Info: Awards received:

Three stars in the Guide Michelín, the highest classification for a restaurant.

Best Chef and Best Restaurant 1997. Gourmetour Guide.

Art of Cooking Award 1997. International Academy of Gastronomy.

CIBUS International prize for ambassadors of Mediterranean food. Federalimentare et Fiere di Parma. Italy.

Best Spanish Chef 1993. Academia de Gastronomía y la Cofradía de la Buena Mesa.

European Prestige award 1996. Fondation Européenne.

Relais Gourmand Member of Relais&Châteaux.

Spanish representative of Tradition&Qualité.

Address: Sant Joan 6
City: San
Postcode: 08470
Phone: 00 34 9 3 867 2851
Added: October 19th 2002
Reviewer: Martin Trip
Hits: 6472

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Posted by Anonymous on 2004-02-18 22:40:30
My Score:
Fantastic place! Highly recommended.

Posted by Anonymous on 2004-02-17 03:13:18
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-17 08:42:56
My Score:
It´s one the best resturants I ever been to

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