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Soqueta Restaurante

Restaurante Soqueta

Fine Dining on the Playa de Oliva, in Valencia Province can be found at the Restaurante Soqueta. This place is a member of the Chaine des Rotisseurs, and offers quality food at a rather steep price for lunch, but as a dinner offering is very nice. This restaurant does not offer a menu del dia, only a la carte offerings.

The tables are mostly outside under large awnings to protect you from the sun, and made up properly with all the fine napery and silverware, wine goblets, and more that you would expect from such an establishment.

After perusing the menu for some time, in an attempt to eat lunch for under 50 euros, we decided that it was impossible and to just enjoy ourselves.

Upon ordering a bottle of the vino tinto de la casa, the waiter brought glasses, wine, and salted nuts. A little while later a bread basket with the traditional aioli arrived, and we enjoyed the robust garlic flavours while drinking a nice wine, albeit unusually chilled for a vino tinto.

I ordered the Sopa de Pesacados y Mariscos, which was a rich broth swimming with chunks of seafood, shrimps, clams and mussels. The saffron flavor was not too overpowering, but I missed the traditional Andalucian touch in their seafood soups, a hefty splash of Sherry for flavor. My friend’s appetizer was a plate of Calamari, in a tomato sauce with herbs. The squid was not tough, and was delightful.

My main was only an Enselada Mixta, but was huge. The salad featured a large serving of the usual canned tuna, canned olives, a few unripe tomatoes around the edge of the plate, and a large mound of canned corn, shredded cabbage, two small hearts of palm, and a thin slice of avocado. I certainly can’t say this salad was worth the asking price of 9.65 euros.

My friend ordered what he thought would be salmon, and was indeed what is called a filet de salmonette. This Mediterranean fish is red in color like a salmon, only much smaller, and is really a white fleshed fish. But it was tasty.

After relaxing and enjoying our meal for awhile, we discerned that almost every other table was filled with Real Estate Agents, trying to close a deal, or celebrating a deal closed.

My friend ordered the Degustation de Tartas, or cake plate for a dessert while I enjoyed a café con leche. His plate featured four kinds cakes - tiramisu, blueberry cheesecake, a crepe layer cake with chocolate, and a spice cake. The plate featured a large pool of sweet cream sauce with chocolate shaped like a fish with bones. The presentation was beautiful, the service impeccable.

The house wine was 7.50 euros a bottle, the Calamari 10.85, the salad 9.65, the seafood soup 7.81, the salmonette filet 13.25, the cake plate 6.01, the café con leches were 1.50 apiece, and the pan y aioli was a further charge of 2.20. To top all this off they added 7% tax, and the bill came to 64.49 euros for a lunch you would normally pay 7.50 euros (per person) for as a menu del dia in a traditional Spanish restaurant NOT catering to Real Estate Agents or tourists.

So if you are in a mood to splurge, and travelling around Oliva, check this place out as it is only steps from the beach and has private parking.

More Info:

Address: Via Rondat Playa de Oliva Valencia Province
City: Playa
Phone: 96 285 14 52
Added: October 8th 2004
Reviewer: Martin Trip
Hits: 3348

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