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Golden Bay Restaurant Chino

Restaurant Golden Bay

Chinese Food in Moraira, Alicante Province, Spain

Itís hard to find something ethnically different from typical Spanish fare along the tourist coasts of Spain. But recently a wave of Asian immigrants have brought a new touch, and relief, to palates used to more variety of foods than fish a la plancha with pan y aioli and fries on the side.

I do love the Spaniardís menu del dia, with its bottle of wine and familiar fare regularly. But when recently presented with an opportunity to dine at the Golden Bay I agreed heartily, and enjoyed the meal enormously.

Walking in to the restaurant you are greeted by a large golden Ho Tei, and please donít forget to rub his tummy for good luck. The tables are nice and large, to accommodate all the plates and warmers, with a good view of the Moraira castle on the beach across the street. In nice weather they have large windows that open and let in the beautiful sea air for the happy diners. When we ate there it was indeed too windy to eat al fresco, but being at a window was nice enough.

The waiter brought us beers to cool our throats while we decided on the meal. I chose the Hot and Sour soup, followed by their Spring Roll Special, and I ordered Szechwan-style Peking Duck for my main course, with fried rice.

The Hot and Sour soup was created masterfully by someone who really knows traditional Cantonese cuisine, not bastardized with an Indonesian influence as so much of the Chinese food is up north, in Holland. The soup even featured a portion of tofu, rather than pork or chicken making it suitable for veggie types. My Spring Roll Special consisted of a large roll, filled with vegetables and sprouts, and was served with a fine plum-type sauce, and hot chili sauce on the side. The Spring Roll was perfectly crunchy, and divine. When my main course arrived, I was delighted with the large portion, and the flavors. The duck had been carefully boned, and trimmed free from all the fattier areas of the duck. The lean meat was crispy and delicious, with a sauce featuring other Chinese vegetables.

My friend ordered the Mushroom soup, which was very nice. The appetizer for my companion was Chicken Satay, and there was a lot of it, with a lot of delightful peanut satay sauce. Perfectly seasoned, and not too salty, it disappeared quickly. Kung Pao (or Gon Bao as they call it around here) Chicken was the main dish for my friend, and it featured the peanuts, delightful sauce, and lots of hot red peppers to spice things up.

Featuring more than enough food for two, we took a plate of it home for leftovers. Washing down the meal with beer was a fine decision, and we left feeling on top of the world. And by the time we drove back up to Cumbre del Sol, we truly were on top of the world and home in our rented villa.

Restaurant Golden Bay is located in the town of Moraira, on Calle Castillo at number 16. It is one the waterfront road, directly across from the castle and the beach. Parking may be a bit difficult right there, but two blocks away there is a public free parking area. The telephone number is 966 491 007.

More Info:

Address: Calle Castillo # 16
City: Moraira-Alicante
Postcode: 03724
Phone: 966 491 007
Added: October 8th 2004
Reviewer: Martin Trip
Hits: 3016

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Posted by Egon on 2006-05-06 17:26:25
My Score:
First Class Marco Pedreguer

Posted by Resident on 2004-10-26 17:08:01
My Score:
This is a very good Chinese restaurant in a beautiful spot on Moraira seafront. The service, food and decor are first rate. A very enjoyable, relaxing place and very reasonably priced.

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