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Restaurant Passadis Del Pep

Having found the place and negotiated a table (this required a phone call to a fluent spanish speaker in London) the experience was well worth the effort. There is no menu and no wine list. The wine flows all evening with a fresh bottle appearing before you realise that the last one is empty. The service is subtle and highly efficient. The food is simply exceptional! It consists of a seemingly endless series of fresh seafood dishes in simple but very tasty sauces. There is a main course in amongst it somewhere. Nothing is hurried, plates are cleared only when the last person has finished at which time the next surprise arrives.

There is no dessert, just amazing handmade sweets and an extensive array of liquers. The bottles are placed on the table with a number of glasses. If the drink of your choice is not there, just ask for it, if the bottle runs out, ask for another! Nothing appears to be measured or accounted for.

At the end of the evening the bill is split between all present (about 70 each for us but we did go heavy on the wine and especially the liquers) and you wander back onto the street with a feeling of great contentment having been gastronomically spoilt.

Most highly recommended, especially for a group.

More Info: We ate at 1030 and left at about 0130. It is difficult to find as it is at the end of long corridor entered from the street through an innocuous looking plain door. It is situated on the Pla de Palau. With the sea and Pla \'island\' to your rear look towards the far left corner of the pla. I seem to remeber it being a half glass brown aluminium type door - very plain. If you cannot find it just ask the locals or look out for small groups going down dark alleys!

Address: Pla del Palau, No 2 - 08003 Barcelona
Phone: 93 310 1021/93 315 2495
Added: August 26th 2003
Reviewer: Jon Milsom
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-15 07:24:39
My Score:
One of the best meals my husband and I ever had. Plate after plate of authentic seafood delicacies served with a never-ending bottle of Cava in a hidden and romantic setting. What more could you ask for?

Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-22 19:03:27
My Score:
Simply wonderful - we had the private room at the back and were treated to dish after dish of the freshest and most fantastic tasting seafood served in an assuming manner that let the food do the talking. Spanish cooking at it's best - honest, flavoursome and sociable.

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