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Affleck's Palace

James Walsh, a hairdresser, took over an old building in Manchester's city center and turned it into an alternative fashion bazzar in 1982. Since then Affleck's Palace has gained a reputation for cutting edge fashion for young people, especially those into Manchester's trend-setting music scene.

Whether you're into punk, retro (60s-80s including hippie and disco styles), or futuristic fashions, you'll find excellent selection and values here. With 50 shops spread out on four floors, there's something for everyone.

Most of the shops are run by young entrepeneurs, some designing their own fashions, so you won't find all the usual chain store crap here. In addition there's several used clothing boutiques, with bargains galore!

I was quite amazed with the range of 60s & 70s fashions available. Much of it used, but some of it tasteful recreations. Austin Powers could find his wardrobe here from fringy leather to psychedelic polyester, with bellbottoms (flares) predominating.

Besides all the clothes stores, you'll find music, jewelry, hats, body piercing, tattooing, hairstyling, books, headshops and unusual gift stores.

There's also a couple of cafes serving up a variety of snacks and lunches. I recommend the one on the top floor with a wider selection, views and more of a hippie atmosphere. Their pizza was good!

More Info: The entrance to Affleck\'s Palace isn\'t well marked, so ask if you can\'t find it.
Not wheelchair accessible
Very crowded on weekends. Hours:
Monday - Friday: 10am - 5.30pm
Saturday: 10am - 6.00pm
Sunday: CLOSED

Website: http://www.afflecks-palace.co.uk

Address: 52 Church Street
City: Manchester
Postcode: M4 1PW
Phone: 0161-834 2039
Added: August 2nd 2002
Related Link: Website
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