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Matanuska Valley, Alaska

Here grows the wonderful Matanuska Thunder Fuck, people all over the country who have tried Alaskan weed beg for more of this! Many laid back hippies moved to Alaska because marijuana was legal until 1990.

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Added: December 8th 2001

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Posted by Cornfed on 2007-02-13 21:18:40
My Score:
goddamn hippies come to arizona n try some of the organic kb plus its cheaper nagga blunts n bongs

Posted by on 2006-11-30 05:47:21
My Score:
I live in the valley and the hippy life is still alive. peace pot and microdot! stay kind peace-out

Posted by SARAH on 2006-11-15 23:07:25
My Score:
Looking for some space to clear my head... heard Alaska offers retreat. Looking to move, any references etc..would be great. I'll be making my trek from Pennsylvania beginning January. Let me know if I can pick something up for anyone.

Posted by jeff on 2005-11-19 00:45:06
My Score:
my email is c4christopher@yahoo.ca

Posted by jeff on 2005-11-19 00:38:43
My Score:
trade some bomb for your prescription amphetmine?

Posted by jeff on 2005-11-19 00:34:23
My Score:

Posted by bluntedout on 2005-11-17 05:44:47
My Score:
man, where the hell is the fire at? im here in anchorage and need sum bomb, all there is bullshit around right now

Posted by Purple Haze on 2005-11-01 23:15:36
My Score:
Supposed to be some of the best weed, right here in the Valley. Wish I could find me some, damn! Where is it hiding.

Posted by miller on 2005-10-11 07:36:22
My Score:
i am looking into moving into the area...could anyone help me get set up there..like maybe a lead on a roommate or an apt or such...some place that is herb freindly and would allow my cat hippie..he is no problem at all...any and all help would be appretiated

Posted by bucky on 2005-03-26 00:20:16
My Score:
actually, he's just a flaming asshole, pure and simple. the fact that he is supplied with legal prescription amphetmine is merely a side note.

Posted by bucky who on 2005-03-26 00:10:03
My Score:
stone road man from middletown says, Bucky has many vaild points. But his lack of attention span is alarming? No? Ben H.

Posted by bucky on 2005-03-26 00:03:13
My Score:
it is legal in alaska per the ravin v. alaska decision, but illegal in anchorage. and illegal in the u.s., of course. so it depends on your jurisdiction. but NO ONE gets busted for anything less than a grow op unless they're stupid.

Posted by SmokeupJohnny on 2005-02-04 22:51:57
My Score:
I spent 3 years in Alaska and had the PLEASURE of smoking some MTF. I have yet to taste anything as sweet and potent. Oh, to be back in Alaska!!!! Smoke Up Johnny

Posted by Ryan on 2004-12-14 06:53:59
My Score:
no. its not legal. its in the state supreme court and thus decriminalized ot a large extent. the fine for 3.5 grams outside of city limits is about 30 bucks. however, every year there is an inniative to legalize on the state ballot, and this last year we had the highest "yes" percentage to dat, about 43%, not bad for a right wing state.

Posted by toker on 2004-05-14 23:56:01
My Score:
pot is still legal up here do your research...

Posted by anti censor on 2004-05-14 23:48:49
My Score:
wow man....i didnt know hippies practised censorship. i guess we cant have any negatory vibes, right ?

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